10+ FREE Fake Transcripts [College, Home School, GED University]

Fake transcripts are usually used to enter factually correct information about your grades or marks in a format that isn’t really approved by your school, college, or university.

There are also instances when you need your transcripts but your educational institute isn’t able to send them to you on time.

These templates are definite lifesavers and should be used only in emergency situations.

Do remember that fake transcripts can do more harm than good and should be used after much thought and consideration.

There are a lot of fake transcript templates available online that are designed to be used by students but their success depends entirely on the design, formatting, information accuracy, and graphic design.

Here are the 10 best fake transcript templates we have curated just for you!

Free Fake Transcripts Collection

Here are those fake transcripts you have been waiting for! Check them out.

1. Simple Fake Transcript for College – College Transcript Template

fake college transcripts

fake college transcript download

Fake College transcripts can get pretty detailed if you opted for many courses and this kind of fake transcript will help out a lot.

This fake college transcripts template comes with a lot of details about all the courses you could have possibly taken along with their GPA scores and credit hours information.

While editing this fake college transcript you can also add your college name, your own details, and add the school logo as well in the fake college transcript, just like a diploma template.

2. Fake Blank Transcript

fake college transcripts blank

download fake college transcript

A blank fake transcript template gives you the power to make any number of changes in any format you like.

This blank fake college transcript template can be used by you to enter your transcript details the way you want to in your fake college transcript and an internship certificate.

All you have to do is plug in information in the fake college transcript about yourself, your courses, marks/grades, your college name, and its logo. Print it out in a high-quality printer and you should have a high grade, original looking college transcript, genuine looking like a business check!

3. Simple School Transcript


And for the last fake transcript temple, here is another simple yet super functional template for you. The sample provides a space for you to upload your school logo, school name, your details, and the courses you took along with their Grade point average scores.

There are very minimum design elements used in the template and the grey highlights to alternative rows make overall legibility very easy like a work order template.

4. Fake transcript for Kindergarten


This downloadable and editable transcript template is free to use and easy to work on as well. Specifically designed for Kindergarten classes, this Microsoft Word document has all the required fields to generate a transcript.

Since it is completely editable you will also be able to change any information in the template.

You can add or remove sections, change the fonts, colors, add school logos, and even create a multi-page transcript. If you are adding colors to the template then do make sure that you use a high-quality color printer.

Editable transcript formats are hard to come by so keep this template safe with you. If you make any edits to it or override the template then you will have to download it once again.

If you are adept at working on Microsoft Word, then you can use this template to design other similar ones like motor vehicle bill of sale.

You should be able to modify such templates into school, fake college  transcripts templates. The templates you find online can be a building block for you to design your own, custom-made transcripts.

5. Fake transcript for Home School Kids


Homeschooling is a system where parents opt out of sending their children to school and instead teach them at home. This is a progressive method of teaching and is slowly gaining a lot of popularity across the world. For such children, we have this template that is specifically designed as a transcript.

The format comes in a Microsoft Word template and is completely editable, is downloadable, and can be printed out as well. The simple template captures all aspects of the homeschooling process.

However, if you have specific requirements from the template, then you can make the required changes to it. it would a good idea to retain the original copy of this template so that you can keep making modifications to it as and when required.

These editable templates are recommended for those people who do not have much time on their hands or don’t know how to work with image files.

Image file templates require some knowledge of photo editing software like Adobe Photoshop but not everyone is well versed with these tools. Hence the editable templates come in handy in such situations.

6. Single Semester Fake Transcript


This college transcripts template is designed to the used for semester wise report generation.

The format includes marks for one semester and if you need to generate your college transcripts for each semester then this is the best template to use.

You will have to download multiple copies of this template depending on the number of semesters you have at school.

7. Simple Fake Transcript for High School College

fake high school

This is a very simple black and white fake transcript template The best use case for such type of templates is when you have to provide black and white photocopies to someone.

This template is a very detailed document containing all elements of your fake high school college degree courses.

There is some space on top where you can enter your school name along with the school logo as well in this fake high school transcripts.

8. Public School Fake Transcript


Millions of children across the world go to public schools, even in the most developed nations. Public schools are mostly government-funded and their functioning can be a little slow sometimes.

Imagine if you are not in your home city and misplace your public school transcripts!

Getting new ones will definitely be a time-consuming process and while you are getting it done, you can use the template. This Microsoft Word template is completely editable and can be modified before you print it out!

9. Fake Transcript for High School


University students will find this template very useful as it captures all the regular details mentioned in the original transcripts. This fake transcript template has detailed sections for all your GPA scores as well.

To make it look more authentic you can always include the logo of your school here.

If your original transcripts are similar in nature then you will need to see what design elements it contains like fake diploma. Then you can modify these downloadable fake diploma templates to look exactly like how your transcripts are!

10. Fake GED Transcript for University courses

GED university transcripts - fake diplomas

order degree

If you are looking for a GED (General Educational Development) tests score transcript diplomas then this might be the right one for you to order degree and use.

This format is made to look exactly like the real deal and if you print it out with a good printer on quality paper then the end product will exactly like the real GED certificate!

Tips to make your fake transcripts

Designing fake templates diplomas isn’t a very easy job unless you have accurate information relating to your original transcripts. If you lose all the copies of your transcripts then reproducing them is certainly very difficult.

The key to making good transcripts depends on the accuracy of the information you have.

You have to realize that these formats are not approved by your schools or universities but at least the information you enter should be factually correct.

Here are some pointers you need to take care of while making transcripts

  • Get high-quality logos for your institute diploma
  • Download or get matching fonts and use the right font size
  • Focus on content alignment and spacing
  • See if there are any watermarks in the original as the same would need to be incorporated in your transcript
  • Double-check for spelling and grammar!
  • Get and use the right paper! Don’t just print them out on any paper!

Rather than making your own diploma design templates, we recommend that you get and use these transcript templates as they have been downloaded by students around the world and have been in circulation for quite a while. These tried and tested templates have been professionally designed to suit all your requirements and will do the job almost all the time.

Get or make a matching envelope. Often schools, college and university give out such transcripts in a customized envelope with design elements that belong to their institute. To get or make your college diploma transcripts look more authentic, you can look at making matching envelopes too.

You might think that having a matching diploma envelope for your transcript is a very silly thing but it does add to the overall genuineness of your documents. These envelopes are very easy to design and all you will need is the logo and name of your institute to be printed on standard white envelopes.

When you read the title, a lot of you might be wondering why we are providing fake transcripts! Imagine that you are an educational institute and want to design your own mark sheets or transcripts.

Or maybe you lost your diploma transcripts  and want to quickly make a replacement fake transcripts order. These are some of the scenarios when you would need to generate fake transcripts. Our intention of putting these up is to help you get out of such sticky situations.

Hope this article helped you out! Before you start using these diploma we always recommend that you contact your institutes to get the original diploma. And only when you cant, these templates are always there to help out!

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