10 Fake Transcripts Download For Free Now!

A fake transcript is used when you have missed your original transcript and you can no way reach it immediately but you are in an emergency and need it. This document is highly valuable and all you need to know is your roll number and marks to fill it entirely. The key to making it look like original is to use a template instead of creating one on your own. Perhaps, you don’t want to take a risk at the last minute by creating one with whatever you know.

Here are a few fake transcripts in this post that you can download and start using.

Blank fake transcripts

Instead of downloading an already filled transcript that will take time for you to edit, you can use these blank formats. Whether you have pursued high school or a professional degree, you still have a template available for you.

Having seen two samples for your use, you need to understand how an original transcript would look like.

Fake high school transcript

If you have an interview scheduled the next day and your original transcript is either lost or is torn, the only solution available is to fake the transcript.

Let’s first understand how a high school grade sheet looks like:

Fake Transcripts

If we look at these documents, we can understand that you may have to input the details of the last 4 years together just by adding the marks scored and the percentage secured or handover individual score sheet for every grade. The former saves time while the latter improves credibility.

You have to remember three things to fill this document – elective chosen, GPA and school details. To make it even credible, it is a good idea to also add the logo of school at the header.

Fake home school transcript

If you have attended home school instead of a regular high school, creating a fake document can be quick. The need for a fake document arises only when your administrator (parent) is unavailable and you have an urgent work that demands homeschool certificate.

Here is a template to use:

This looks really professional as there is a logo at the footer and provision for the supervisor to sign at the end.

Fake college transcript

When do you need a fake college grade sheet? It is when you are applying for a job and your manager demands the transcript to be submitted immediately. The problem with creating a document that will look like original is you have to remember a lot of details like marks and subjects attended in each semester. You should not skip any of the details as it can create a mismatch.

Here are a few examples for you to refer and download:

Don’t these look neat and professional? We bet that even your employer cannot find out the difference between original and fake sheets with this beautiful and credible design.

There is also another option – if you have some time to submit the original, you can use a transcript request form.

You can show this as proof to your manager and inform that you will be submitting in a few days.

Alternate transcript formats

Few institutions issue certificate of completion and it can be considered as a transcript too. Here are a few templates to use:

These formats work for high school and college degree as well.

Tips to make your transcript look realistic

It is certain that you are downloading a fake document for an urgent situation. In this scenario, your work does not stop with just downloading it. It has to be realistic and credible. If you have downloaded a plain document that has just text in it, none will trust the details and will definitely raise doubts on your authenticity. In such cases, don’t lose hope as you can still make it realistic with minor tweaks to it.

  • A realistic document includes GPA records and grades of the students. The common mistake performed by people who download such unreal documents is they don’t look into grades. Some of the templates have only A’s. This can increase suspicion. Get a document that has a mix of grades or at least higher than the average mark.
  • Do not buy your fake transcript and diploma at two different places. There can be misses in the connection and also technical differences.
  • A fake document is about per transcript and not per course. So, do not waste time and efforts in creating a document for each course.
  • Try to add a seal or signature of an authorized person at the end. This can increase its authenticity.
  • Adding institute address also improves the genuineness of your document. Still, recheck with the actual address as in the website of the institution to avoid manual errors.
  • Before you submit, make sure that there is no sign of website in terms of watermark or logo or any other graphics. If there are such signs, edit and delete them.

What information should it have?

There are 10 basic details expected from a transcript – student name and ID, course details, date of birth, courses taken, scores achieved in each course, grade secured in each term, institution name, address, seal and signature.

In most of the cases, the date of issue is also mentioned in the certificate and this increases the trustworthiness of the document. Be it homeschool or college or a high school, all of these details are important to ensure professionalism in the output.

Missing even one of these can result in trouble and develop suspicion among your heads and managers.


A fake transcript is a document that helps you in case of an emergency. It should never be treated as a permanent solution. When you download our templates, do a cross verification with your need to understand if it matches what your institution offers. The best part of our templates is that all are ready to print. That saves a lot of time. Never miss out an opportunity henceforth waiting for the original document.