9+ FREE Background Check Authorization Forms [Word, PDF, DOC]

A background verification process is a procedure followed by either a person or an organization to verify another person’s or organization’s credentials.

Through these checks, you can confirm the identity of the entity and confirm if the details they provided are accurate or not.

Background checks have become an integral part of our lives and they are used by everybody.

Employers, educational institutes, volunteer organizations, and many other places employ the use of the background verification process and for the same, a background check authorization template is required.

Free Background Check Authorization templates

In this article, we have attached some of the most commonly used background check authorization templates that help you obtain permission from the person/organization you are verifying.

1. Tenant Background verification authorization form


Whenever you give out your property, commercials, or residential, it is essential that you conduct a background check on the prospective tenants. And before you do that, you will need their content on a legal document.

This editable Word template similar to a homeschool pdf template is a very simple form that details information about the verification process, the data points that need to be accessed, and takes permission from the prospective tenant to begin the background verification.

You need to enter information like the tenant’s personal information, previous residence, employment history, and income details similar to a medical authorization form.

2. Employee Background verification authorization form


As part of the onboarding process for new employees, most organizations conduct detailed background checks on them. These include checks for criminal history, offenses, credit ratings, and previous employment details as well.

And to conduct these checks they need a written authorization from the prospective employee. In this template, there is a detailed authorization clause along with employee detail sections.

Since it is a Microsoft Word file, you are free to make any kind of modification to it like you would in these punch list template.

3. All purpose Background verification authorization form


Designed to be a basic authorization waiver, this template can be put to use anywhere. The template is available in a downloadable and editable Microsoft Word file and has a simple layout that can be printed out too similar to a media release form.

Through this background authorization form, the user is giving permission to a 3rd party to conduct a detailed background verification check on them along with personal data that can be accessed during the process.

4. Background verification authorization form – Criminal History


Background verification checks can be highly detailed and cover major aspects of a person’s life. These often include details about credit history, employment, past residences, relationships, criminal background, educational qualifications, etc.

However, during some background checks, only specific information may be required. Like a criminal history check. In such cases, you can use this authorization template that is specifically designed only for a Criminal History check.

In this template, the candidate needs to fill in their responses to some sample questions about their history and the same will be verified during the background check. If you are applying for internship, you might receive an internship completion certificate after the completion of duration.

5. Background verification authorization form – Volunteers


Across the world, organizations employ the services of volunteer participants. And sometimes, these volunteers need to undergo a background verification process as well.

So if you planning to work with volunteers and want them screened, then you can use this template designed for such a purpose. In this template, the volunteer is providing authorization to undergo a verification process and details the personal information that can be accessed by the verifying entity.

6. Background verification authorization form – Church


There are many institutions that work with children, sensitive personal data, etc and a religious organization is one of such places.  Churches hire full-time employees and volunteers who work with members and often with children.

For such people who are around children, it is essential to conduct a background verification. Especially a criminal history check to identity offenders. Through this template, you can take authorization from such church employees to conduct their verification.

7. Background verification authorization form – Camps


Attending a camp is an exciting prospect for children and many look forward to joining camps like Music camps, summer camps, sports camps, etc during their summer holidays. These camps employ a large number of people to work with children and all need to undergo a strict background verification check.

Download this template if you work with such camps and need a template for verification. The document gives permission for the background verification along with disclosure and the candidate’s rights with respect to credit ratings.

8. Background verification authorization form – Police


When the police department is requested to conduct a background verification by a 3rd party or they need it to verify prospective employees for the police force, then they can use this template.

This comprehensive background authorization form takes approval from the candidate and then conducts a check via most law enforcement agencies in the country. It is one of the most detailed templates you will ever find and the best part is that you can edit it as well!

9. Background verification authorization form – Educational Institutes


The background verification process must be completed in educational institutes before any teacher, coach, volunteers, etc are allowed into the school premises. For full-time employees, the verification check document needs to be submitted before a formal offer of employment is made.

This Microsoft Word template is great for schools and colleges or people looking to work with such institutions. Once the candidate gives their permission for the check, this form can be submitted to the relevant government or private department.

Frequently Asked Questions

Have questions regarding the background verification process? Here are some common ones with their answers.

1. Is it mandatory to take approval for a background check?

Well, yes. Background verification checks can only be done when agencies access personal information belonging to someone to verify it. In some countries, this might be considered against privacy laws and could be a criminal offense.

Hence, to safeguard yourselves from criminal proceedings or from getting sued, it is always advisable to get a background verification authorization signed by the candidate in question.

2. What details should the verification authorization contain?

Some of the most important elements of a verification authorization form include

  • Candidate’s name and address
  • Local or National Identification numbers
  • Date of Birth
  • Purpose of verification
  • List of personal information that will be accessed during the verification
  • Contact details
  • Rights of the candidate
  • Terms & conditions

3. What does a background check entail?

The outcome of a background check and the steps inside of it depend on what your requirements are. For example, an employee might just be interested in verifying the educational details and previous work history of a candidate.

However, a school might also be interested in conducting a background check with criminal history checks to ensure that they don’t hire offenders to be with their students! Some of the most common parts that are checked include

  • Employment history
  • Financial history
  • Residence history
  • Credit checks
  • Reference verification
  • Character verification
  • Criminal history

4. What are the benefits of a background check?

Yes, there are only benefits of getting a check done. Some of these include

  • Making right decisions based on facts
  • An improved sense of safety and security
  • Decreasing chances of offenses
  • Protect your own interests and the people around you


To summarise this article, whenever you conduct a background verification, you should always get approval from the person who is being investigated. Background verification checks are designed to access a candidate’s personal information and if you do not obtain their approval, you might not be privy to this information.

In such cases, the verification would not be able to go ahead. And if you run the checks without the candidate’s consent, then you could face some serious legal consequences and criminal proceedings as well.

Therefore, to stay safe from such hassles, download the relevant template provided in the article and get the verification process done the right way! Also, before you go, check out these log pdf to maintain your vehicle

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