11+ Bill of Materials Template Download [Excel & Word]

You need accurate details about the quantity and quantity of materials for your project. That’s why a Bill of Materials exists.

It highlights the details of the materials you’ll need for any production project. Here, I’ll show you Bill of Materials templates for your business. Let’s dig in.

Free Bill of Materials Template

1. Bill of Materials

Bill of Materials Template

This Bill of Material template creates room for details about the materials acquired for a project to be highlighted.

To use this Bill, you’ll have to verify details like the component’s material, an accurate description of the parts- Lifter, Bearing, the quantity you purchased, the price you bought it, what system requires the part you bought, etc.

But that’s not all; you’ll have to include the name of the team in charge of the project. It comes in an easy-to-use excel format, so there’s no cause for alarm.

2. Detailed Bill of Materials Template

If you and your team want a Bill of Material that gives more details about the products for your projects, you might like this. This Bill of Materials comes in an excel sheet with ideas for filling in each column.

It helps you and your team highlight every important detail, from the Value of the product, and the package, down to the manufacturer and the manufacturer part number. You don’t need to add too much description- just the relevant code numbers on the parts you bought.

3. Multiple Supplier Bill

When it comes to the elements you require to execute your production phase successfully, you might have to purchase them from more than one supplier.

If this is the case, and you find it challenging to create a Bill of Materials template that includes the many suppliers you use, this template has got you covered.

Although it was created to include 3 different suppliers, you can modify it to have more suppliers- depending on the number of materials you’ll need to execute your project successfully.

4. Component Bill

Sometimes, you just want to focus on the product you’re building. This might lead you to seek a Bill of Materials that highlights only the components you need to produce your desired item.

When that’s the case, you’ll need a more straightforward Bill of Materials structure to achieve it.

Luckily for you, there’s no need to look too far. This Component Bill of Material highlights the components you need to create the end product.

For instance, if you want to manufacture a Bicycle, as seen in this template, you’ll need a couple of components to make it work.

This type of Bill of Materials helps you highlight all the necessary components. There’s also space to highlight the quantity you’ll need and the prices of the products.

5.  Search Experience Material Template

This Bill of Material template is a bit unique compared to the previous templates we’ve examined. It allows you to spice things up by adding pictures of the highlighted materials.

If you need to remember an item’s name or what it is referred to in the market, the template will make it easy for you to identify it.

6. Raw Material Management Form

This Bill of Material template comes in handy for a different purpose within the production phase.

While you might know the quantity of the material you need to execute the production of a product successfully, many instances could make it impossible to get all the specified number of parts you need.

In that case, you should work with the quantities you can get. When this happens, this template helps you calculate the number of units available to work with.

7.  Material Purchase Requisition Template

When you work in a company focusing on production and manufacturing, and you need to launch a manufacturing phase for a product, you’ll need to request the finances to cover the expenses.

So, after highlighting the materials for the project, you’ll need another Bill of Materials to make your request to the company’s financial arm.

This Bill of Materials template comes in handy for circumstances like that.

It is used to request the finances you need to purchase the necessary materials for production.

8. Multi-levels Bill of Material

This is a multi-level Bill of Materials template because it has many levels. It is a comprehensive template for when you have to handle an extensive project.

This template showcases how the parts and the components you’ll need are intertwined.

Of course, you’re free to modify the template based on your needs by adding as many levels as you need. It also creates space to include more relevant information like the supplier contact, status of the production, etc.

9. Bill of Warehouse Material Stock Template

Here’s another Bill of Material template that keeps track of the Materials. This Bill is helpful when there is a Warehouse that stores all the materials you need for the manufacturing phase.

Thanks to this Bill, shipping the materials to the Warehouse would be easier.

It highlights all the information, including the material’s supplier, inventory from the previous month, existing stock, workshop, etc. It is very comprehensive, as it covers most of the information you need to keep up with the materials available in the Warehouse.

10. Costed Bill of Material Template

This type of Bill does precisely what its name calls it. It is that type of Bill that gets you the price of the Materials required for the production phase.

The information on this Bill has been modified to represent details necessary to obtain and highlight the cost of the required materials.

Since there are many manufacturers of the Materials you use,  this Bill includes a space to highlight the specific manufacturer you would like to buy from.

11. Single-level Bill

If the product you’re creating doesn’t have many components and is simple, this Bill of Materials is the one for you. It creates space to add pictures of the parts you need to build your product.

You’ll also have to fill in the supplier or manufacturer, the name of the product you’re building, who approved it, etc. remember that the relevant contact details have to be included in this template too. It’s an excel document, so you can simply download it and fill.


Why is a Bill of Materials essential?

A Bill of Materials’ primary importance is ensuring that all the components, materials, elements, etc., are available before you launch a production phase. Without it, you may have difficulty discovering most of the needed materials. But when you commence production, you could get stuck from not having all the components you need to build your product. A Bill of Materials boosts efficiency.

When and who can use a Bill of Materials template?

People who work in the manufacturing and supply chain or run businesses that centers on the assembly of products need a Bill of Materials for smooth operation. It can be used in any context surrounding procuring the elements and materials for a project.


We understand that crafting a Bill of Materials from scratch can be annoying. That’s why we compiled a juicy list of 11+ Bill of Materials templates to simplify your task. Choose the template that fits your situation, and edit it to your taste. There are different Bills of Materials on this list for different contexts. So, have fun exploring them.

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