19+ FREE Bill Of Sale Template Editable [Word, PDF, Excel]

A bill of sale is a legal document issued from a seller to a buyer during the sales process.

In simple words, it is like a sales receipt that we get when we buy things from the supermarket or for purchases made online.

The Bill of Sale usually contains information about the product or service sold, the buyer & seller details along with information about the terms of the sale, if any.

It is always recommended that both parties (sellers and buyers) retain a copy of the Bill of Sale for legal and taxation purposes.

In certain cases, more information is required along with the Bill of Sale. For example, while buying electronic products the seller is required to provide the buyer with warranty information.

Bill of Sale Templates (Microsoft Word, DOCX)

The following Bill of Sales templates are designed using Microsoft Word and are suitable for most industries.

Each of these bill of sale form templates can be downloaded and edited as per your requirements. There is also a section for PDF and Microsoft Excel templates after this just like we have for make your own diplomas.

1. Bill of Sales for Motor Vehicles

bill of sale form vehicle

A motor vehicle sale form is a document used to transfer vehicle ownership or title during the sale process.

This bill of sale form is most commonly used for the sale of cars and while the buyer registers their car with the DMV, they might be required to produce the Bill of Sale as proof of ownership/title.

The motor vehicle bill of sale is like a sales receipt and is sometimes mandatory for issuance of insurance, taxation, and title legal purposes just like a credit card authorization form pdf.

This Microsoft Word template comes in an editable and downloadable format and is ready to use as per your requirements just like this custom hennessy label.

2. Personal Property Bill of Sale

2BOS-Personal Property

The personal property bill of sale is like a legal document that records the sale of a property or the transfer of ownership or title.

Real estate title purchases and sales are usually complicated processes involving a lot of paperwork and the Bill of Sale document is one of the most important documents of this title change process.

This title change bill of sale form template, a good tool for home buyers and sellers, details information like Seller details, buyer details, description of the property, and property declarations made by the seller.

Once you fill in all this information it is always a good practice to share the document with your attorney and get it vetted by them just like you would do with a simple cost benefit analysis template.

3. Boat Bill of Sale


Our Word boat bill of sale is specifically designed for boat owners and buyers.

This bill of sale form is used during the process of transfer of ownership of a motorised or non-motorized boat.

The detailed template contains sections that capture details about the buyer, seller, Boat lien, outboard motor lien, trailer lien, and information about the boat as well.

Irrespective of whether the sale process is personal or commercial, the boat bill of sale should always be completed as an important step in the process just like a free construction estimate template is important in the construction process.

4. Gun Bill of Sale


In certain countries like the US, the sale of firearms is a day to process as gun laws are quite liberal in the country.

Owning a firearm isn’t a very tedious process but it does have its fair share of documents to fill out.

So when you buy a firearm or are selling one, you will need to fill out a bill of sale for the same.

This bill of sale form document records the transfer of ownership from one person to another and also captures details of the firearm being sold.

However, make note that the bill of sale isn’t a mandatory document unlike a usps shipping label template while selling private firearms but it is a good practice to avoid legal or criminal issues at a later point in time.

5. Bill of Sales for Horses


An Equine or horse bill of sale is usually used by ranchers, breeders, or individuals who have ponies.

This template for the sale of horses also documents the transfer of ownership for the horse from one person to another.

Important data points like seller details, buyer details, details of the horse, its lineage (dam and sire information), price information, etc are capture in this bill of sale template.

You can download the bill of sale form and edit it if any changes need to be made like a simple room rental agreement.

6. Bill of Sale – General Use



If you are looking for a simple and easy to use format for a Bill of Sale document, then you must check this one out.

This Microsoft Word template comes in a downloadable and editable format and you can make any change to it.

Since it’s for simple tasks the form isn’t very comprehensive in nature but has all the basic data points for a seller to complete the sales process.

7. Bill of Sale – Item Form


Now there are instances when you give out money to people, either to someone at a bank for deposits or to another person for transfer or deposit purposes.

And such cash transfers also need to be recorded with an official signed bill of sale form b/w buyer and seller.

This item based receipt form documents the currency denominations and the total amount given out.

It has columns for currency bills and coins too.

Microsoft Excel Bill of Sale Templates

For those looking for Excel-based bill of sale templates, they can use the following bill of sale form that are completely editable and downloadable as well.

8. Bill of Sale – General Use



This bill of sale form template is a basic excel bill of sale that gives you the option of adding an itemized list of title items for sale, their ownership description, prices, and an option to add your company logo as well.

You are free to edit any information in the bill of sale form file but please be careful not to change the formulas that calculate the pricing totals.

9. Bill of Sale – Designer Format


This bill of sale is very similar to the one above but comes with a creative, professional layout that is more suitable to be used for organizations.

Like the template above, it comes with an itemized structure to enter details of the sale, the pricing calculations, and calculations for taxes as well.

The design adds a bit of color and makes the template more appealing and should be printed out with a color printed only.

10. Bill of Sale – Multiple Format


A simple interface yet very handy, this bill of sale contains provisions for multiple bills.

The advantage of such a format is that you will have multiple bills on one sheet of paper and don’t have to keep printing out new ones often.

The excel file is completely editable and you can make changes as per your requirements.

11. Bill of Sale for pieces of equipment


This template is a general document if you are in the business of buying or selling equipment or any kind of hardware.

Some of the things you can use this to include machinery, machine parts, home power tools, construction equipment details, etc.

You will be able to capture information like part numbers, description, pricing, and write a disclaimer as well.

PDF Bill of Sale Templates

PDF templates are usually meant for printing without changes and using them on paper. Our PDF bill of sale templates is simple yet ready to use for most purposes.

12. Warranty Bill of Sale template


A warranty bill of sale is a general-purpose document that is given out while buying things like electronic items, machinery, vehicles, etc.

These vehicle documents are very important for the buyer and the seller as it not only captures the sales details but also lists out the rights of a buyer.

Warranties are crucial for any kind of machinery, equipment, etc as when they break down, the service cost can be covered under the vehicle warranty terms.

Warranty bills are highly detailed and often come with legalized terms and conditions, the responsibilities of the seller towards the product, and the rights of a buyer in case something goes wrong with the product.

13. Detailed Vehicle Bill of Sale

BOS-Vehicle Detailed

All though we have provided for a vehicle bill of sale in the Microsoft Word format section, this one is pretty good as well.

The seller template is really detailed and is great at capturing all major details while selling vehicles with odometer disclosure statement.

The form can capture information like vehicle buyer details, vehicle seller details, vehicle mileage, lien holder’s details, and complete vehicle data required for the sale by seller.

The format is great for used car showrooms or for individuals looking to buy/selling their personal vehicles including the odometer disclosure statement.

14. Vehicle Salvage or Scrap bill of Sale


This PDF template is very similar to the bill of sale used for motor vehicle title. However, if you are selling your vehicle for scrap or selling it for parts then this format captures that information as well along with vehicle identification number VIN.

Specifically designed for state legal purposes, this vehicle seller template is a mandatory document when you are selling off a motor vehicle that cant be salvaged or is sold for parts with the vehicle identification number VIN data by department of motor vehicles.

For example, motor vehicle title that are very old or have met a major accident and can’t be repaired are the ones sold for scrap!

15. Real Estate Contracts

BOS-Real Estate

Selling a property is a highly tedious process and involves a lot of documentation. Most of which is hard to understand and contain many legal terms.

One of such seller documents is the property contract or property free bill of sale. It is a pretty comprehensive seller template that captures information like contract deadlines, insurance info, default terms, payment terms, warranties, property details, and the rights of the buyer and seller required in any state.

All you have to print it out and start using it!

16. Bill of Sale for Aeroplanes


Now, this isn’t something that you usually come across every day but planes do get bought and sold too! And like with any other product, this process too requires a bill of sale document.

You can enter the aircraft registration number, the make and model details, details of the buyer and seller.

Thess bill of sale forms is then presented to the buyer, seller, and the aviation authorities as well in your state.

17. Bill of Sale for Mobile Homes/RV’s

BOS-Mobile Home

Mobile homes or RV’s (recreational motor vehicle) are movable properties so their documentation requirements are also a bit different.

This bill of sale template is specifically designed for the buying and sale of such properties in your state.

Such purchases often require detailed audits and inspections of the mobile home along with an audit of any outstanding liens, taxes, fines, etc. Permits for the mobile home will also need to be checked in detail by the buyer.

Why do you need to use a Bill of Sale?

A bill of sale isn’t just a document that captures details about the sales process. This state document protects both the buyer and seller from any conflicts that might arise post the sale. Without a bill of sale, there is no proof that the transaction ever took place in a state. Hence, the seller or buyer will not be able to make any claims or raise disputes over the sale process.

In some countries, a motor vehicle bill of sale is mandatory for purchases above $500, and in some, it is a must for every sale irrespective of the sale amount. Even if you are giving away things for free to friends and family, it is recommended to have a bill of sale as proof of ownership. You can mention the amount as zero as well in such cases!

Please do note that the bill of sale forms cannot be used to transfer property to someone else or transfer ownership. For such transactions, the bill of sale must be accompanied by a detailed property sale contract or a warranty deed as well. Also, before you go, check out these fake high school transcripts.

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