13+ FREE Blank Check Template Download [Word, PDF]

We all need checks in our day to day lives to make all sorts of payments.

Even with so many digital payment options ruling the financial markets, issuing checks are still an important part of our lives. Writing blank check is a very easy process but for some, it can be nerve-wracking as well.

Did you know you could make your own blank check templates or download these ones for free online? With these readily available resources, it’s so easy to get your hands on different types of blank check templates.

These blank check templates are easy to use, easy to print and some of them come with a high level of customisation options as well!

So go ahead, and start working on the checks you like the most!

Blank Check Templates

1. Blank Check Basic Image

blank check

This is a basic blank check image file that is in a printable format. You can use this basic blank check file for your personal needs. For the best printing results, we recommend that you use a color printer to print this check since it contains a blue background.

Once you print it out, all you need to fill in is the account name (drawee), the date of the check, and the payable amount. This format is suitable for those starting out, learning how to use checks, or maybe looking for something very simple yet functional like a college transcript template.

2. Blank Check for Businesses with instructions


If you are a business owner or work for a company, then this is the right business check template for you. This Word check template lays out detailed instructions to fill out a check. If you are new to writing checks, then this document will be your go-to guide for preparing checks for a work order in word format.

The blank check template explains all the requisite information you need for the business check writing process and is a good guide for all the new joiners to your organization. Please make sure that you read through the detailed business check template instructions so that you don’t end up making any mistakes while writing your checks.

3. Bank Deposit Template

blank check

For professionals who work in banking or finance verticals, it’s not just required to know how to write checks. You will also need to know how to fill in deposit slips when you go to the bank to deposit checks.

This free bank deposit template is a simple Microsoft Word template that details all the information you need to fill into a deposit slip at the bank. The process is pretty easy and you just need to fill in information like the date, receiver name, amount, etc and submit the deposit slip to the bank teller.

4. Bank check-the designer format


Looking to make payments in style with a check that looks better than what others use? Or maybe do a bit of business branding on your personal or company checks? Use this designer file to cash in with some style.

This temple is a blank check image file that is ready to use and easy to print just like a vehicle maintenance log. Designers can also use this format to get ideas on how to customize newer kinds of checks. The template is free to download like a standard media release form template.

5. Free Donation check template

blank check

If you are looking for a bank check template specifically for donations, then you can use this free template of blank check printing. Our donation check template comes in a PDF format that can be easily printed out.

Once printed, all you need to do is enter information like payee name, amount date, and the purpose of writing the check like for a bill of sale template pdf.

6. Kids Printable blank check format

BC-Kids Printable

checks templates

Kids just love to play games and as smart as they are, some of them involve bank and money! A lot of board games come with fake, playing checks but if you lose them or if you need more for other kids’ games then you can use this printable check format.

This is a very simple printable blank check printing, image file can be printed out in a jiffy like these high school diploma templates and your kids can be playing with them in no time. The check comes with all the real fields like payee name, date, business check amount, and the purpose of writing the bank check template. And with this printable format, you can keep them coming as many times as you want!

7. Editable Blank check template for kids

BC-Kids Word

checks templates

Sometimes it is fun to publish out customized blank checks for your child’s games. Each game has its own requirements so you can keep changing checks for different board games. This designer blank check template pdf comes in a Microsoft Word format and you can edit some of the information in the check format.

The name, address, check number, and bank name fields are editable to suit your requirements. Once you fill in this information, you can publish out the checks just like you can print a cost benefit analysis template.

8. Multiple Blank check formats in PowerPoint format

blank check templates

Some of us like working on PowerPoint presentations and for people like us, here is a blank check template in PPT format. This PowerPoint template contains 4 blank check templates. The content of the checks is the same, however, the background differs across formats.

If you want a plain-looking, simple yet functional blank check format you can use the ones with the white background. However, if you want a little bit of color then the first two checks should do the job.

Even the content in the check printing template format is editable. You will be able to add your own custom logo, change the text, alignment, and background colors as well. If you want a printable check that gives you complete customization options then this is the best format out there.

9. Blank Check Template for practice


Practice checks are primarily used to teach kids/students how to use checks for their games or to train employees as well. This practice check comes in a printable PDF format and contains multiples checks on one page. So, you can publish out one page, make sure to cut out the checks, and make use of them. And this process can be repeated as many times as you want!

The blank format is pretty easy to use and all you have to do is to fill in information like Payee name, date, amount, signature, and a memo as well.

10. Simple Personal blank check printable PDF

BC-Simple Print

This is a printable personal blank check format. The PDF file can be printed out as copies for your personal check requirements.

Make sure to note that there are three check samples on each blank page so when you do the printing, calculate the number of checks you need and then print out the number of blank pages accordingly. Also make sure to remember to turn off the back-to-back print option on your printer otherwise you will lose the entire batch of printing!

11. Editable Personal blank check printable

blank check template

For those of you looking for a few customization options, this personal editable check format will be more suitable than the one above. It is very similar in format to the blank template above but this one comes as a Microsoft Word document.

Each page of this free blank check template contains three check samples and each of them can be edited to suit your needs. You can change the written content, the look and feel and make sure to add a logo the check as well. And if you want to play around with colors, feel free to add some background colors as well in the fillable blank check template.

12. Stylish check format

free blank check templates

check template blank pdf - bank check template word pdf

This stylish free check format is basically a creatively designed balnk template. The check templates contains a beautiful background design along with all the essential elements of a check like the Payee name field, the amount, date, check number, and signature section.

Do note that before you print these blank checks, you need to make sure you are working with a color printer otherwise, you will get a fuzzy-looking black and white check. And that won’t do you any good.

13. Fillable Blank check template for Teachers

BC-Teacher Game rights reserved - payroll check bank account blank bank

checks templates - use one to save time

And the last fillable blank check template free that we have for you is a teacher’s template. Teachers often use blank checks in their classes to teach students how a check templates looks like or how to fill in the right details in a check.

There are some teachers who have a unique system of rewarding students. They give out blank checks template to students for good marks, good behaviour, etc and by the end of the term, the student with the highest amount of checks template gets extra credits or maybe a goodie!

What are Blank checks?

A check or a cheque is a payment instrument that directs the bank to pay an amount to the person mentioned in the check. The person who gives the check templates is called a drawer of the check and the one it is addressed to is known as the drawee.

These checks can be of different types and some of them are listed here.

Blank Bearer check Template

These blank checks aren’t addressed to anyone but the person carrying the check templates can encash it. So, it’s basically transferrable by delivery! Since anyone can take them to the bank and encash them, they aren’t very safe in case of theft.

Blank Order check Template

Now, these are much safer than the Bearer check as they carry the name of the person the payment is to be made to! Banks usually authenticate the identity of the person carrying the check to ensure that it’s the same person as the one mentioned in the check.

Blank Crossed check Template

Most of us would have seen this. It’s not a different kind of check but on any check, two parallel lines can be drawn on the top left section of these blank checks. Inside the lines, you need to write ‘A/C Payee’.

This means that the check is for the person or organization whose name is written on it. Security-wise these are much safer since they can only be encashed at the drawee’s bank.

Blank Post Date Check Template

Those of us who have taken loans would probably know about these blank checks! Post-dated checks carry a date in the future and can only be encashed on that particular date.

Yes, the validity of the check templates starts after the date mentioned on it and not before it.

Blank Stale Check Template free

Well, as the name suggests, this is check templates that is beyond its validity. Usually, checks have a validity of 3 months and beyond that, they are just a worthless piece of check template paper.

Blank Banker’s Checks

These are similar to the usual blank checks we use. But the only difference is that they are made out by the banks on behalf of an account holder (drawer) to someone else.

The best part about these checks is that they can’t be dishonored or bounce since they are issued by the bank.

Blank Traveler’s Checks

A very handy tool for people who love traveling but don’t want to risk carrying cash! Traveler’s checks are issues by multi-national banks.

The traveler usually takes these blank checks from their home country and they encash it in another country they travel to! And the best part is that these check template don’t expire.

Uses of a blank check template

Have you ever seen winners getting these massive, pretty looking blank checks when they win a sports competition or a game show? Well, that’s one use of a free blank check template!

The templates you find online are already formatted for the best design and usability and all you have to do is download them just like you can download these hennessy label template for fun!

Moving on from such serious business, blank check templates are a major requirement for board game companies who make games like Monopoly, etc. A lot of these games come with checks and designers often download blank check templates from online resources like ours.

Another use for these blank checks print template is to give them to your kids for their games. Kids can download printable check template, customizable fake blank checks, and use them for their games or as fun blank checks related pranks!

We really hope you liked our collection of blank check templates. We would recommend you to use the editable format and play around with the content. Design your own blank checks for the best possible results!

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