9+ Free Construction Estimate Templates Download [Excel, Word, PDF]

Construction work, either home or commercial involves a lot of work and can be a fairly complicated process. There are so many cost aspects involved and if they are not calculated, the overall project cost can skyrocket and go out of control!

In every construction project, there are numerous things to take into consideration but there are factors that are highly essential to the overall project success. These include the labor cost, material cost, and scheduling (deadlines).

Keeping a tight watch over these three variables will not only ensure that your costs are accounted for but also that your projects run at the right schedule!

Free Construction Estimate templates

Our free construction estimate templates are designed to get the control you want and capture all possible data points with respect to the project. They are editable, downloadable, and are all in printing format too just like a rental history verification form! So go ahead and download as many as you want!

1. Basic Job estimate template


This Microsoft Word template is a very easy to use and simple template that can be used either for home projects or for minor construction work similar to a maintenance order.

This template can help you capture a list of work items that need to be completed along with the estimated cost of the project and the completion timelines. And once you enter all the details, you can print it out as well like a simple month to month rental agreement.

2. Hard vs Soft Cost Estimation template


This is another simple template that segregates your costs into Hard and Soft costs. Anyone who is interested to get into the construction business or is already in it needs to know the difference between hard cost and soft cost.

Hard costs are those that are directly related to the construction project like labor charges, electrical work, brick and mortar costs, etc. So in simple terms, any cost that is related to the physical construction of a building is your hard cost.

Soft costs are indirect costs and they don’t directly contribute towards the construction of the building. These costs include legal fees, permit fees, transportation expenses, etc. One way to remember this is that if there is any cost that isn’t a hard cost, then it automatically becomes part of the soft cost.

Sometimes it is necessary to segregate these expenses to see where your money is going to get allocated. And for such uses, this free template comes in handy.

3. Construction Bid Estimate template

3CE-Bid Estimate

This Microsoft Excel sheet works like a calculator and is used to get a computation of construction-related costs. If you are the project manager, then this tool does all the labor and material estimations for you.

The template is downloadable and editable and once you plug in the costs, you will get the estimates with tax calculations. However, when you are editing the template, do not change the formulas for Total calculations.

4. Home Repair Estimation template


This free Microsoft Excel is specifically designed to be used by homeowners or home renovation companies. The custom-made template has sections to capture costs of different home elements like the roof, painting, electricals, masonry, sewage system, etc.

Any edits can be made to the template and you are free to add/remove information from it just like in a policy brief template microsoft word. Just be careful not to change the formulas for total calculations at the bottom of the template.

5. Professional Construction Cost Estimate template


Construction or renovation related companies looking to send formal documents to their customers will find this template really good. It is designed professional has all the basic sections for you to document the cost estimations.

In this template, you can insert your company logo, write down itemized cost breakup along with the requisite tax calculations. The template is downloadable and can be edit in Microsoft Excel.

In this form, you will need to write down the high-level items, their quantities, and unit price. If you are looking for something that captures data in more detail then you can try the other free templates shown in this article.

6. Construction Time Estimate template


In every project, there are always two very important elements – cost and time. The above-mentioned templates that we shared are highly focussed on capturing the right cost factors but this format is designed specifically to keep track of task deadlines.

It comes as a downloadable and editable Microsoft Excel template and you will be able to break down the project into tasks and allocate timelines for each one of them.

All you have to do here is to enter the task names, their status, start & end dates and it automatically calculates the number of days per task.

7. Construction Work Quote template


To cut costs or to find the best vendors for your construction, it is always recommended to approach different vendors and take quotations from them. For such a process, this Microsoft Excel work quote template comes in handy.

This document is an expression of interest to get quotations from vendors and captures information like the service name and its associated costs. There is also a section for Terms and Conditions.

The template needs to be filled out by all your possible vendors and then you can decide which vendor to select for your construction project. The form is editable and you can customize it according to your requirements.

8. Residential Remodelling Estimation template


Modeled specifically for the needs of residential remodelling projects, this downloadable PDF template is very helpful for you to calculate every cost associated with your project. The printable template has two sections – one for all the remodelling activities, material, etc, and another one for the cost estimations.

The simple form can be printed out and used by you or your employees during the project. Think of it as a detailed checklist with an estimation feature built into it!

9. Residential Remodelling Estimation template


Are you in need of a template that can tell you if your estimates were correct or not? Or whether the actual money being spent falls within your allocated budget or not? Download this Microsoft Excel template to calculate how much you spent versus what your budget was.

The template is completely editable and is very easy to use. You can add your own list of material, labor costs, etc that were originally allocated for the project and along with it capture details of the actual amount that was spent.

This tool is very useful for project managers who are responsible for keeping costs down and reporting the financial health of the construction project.


Whether you are executing a small home construction project or getting into a complex building construction job, it is essential that you get your estimates right. Reaching out to different vendors will give you information about various quotes, best practices, and information about how they operate.

And then this information helps you plan, execute and manage your projects in a more cost and time-efficient manner. To help you out, there are quite a few estimation templates provided above.

Although the list doesn’t contain templates for every single need you might have, they are downloadable and editable for free. That means you can also design construction templates that are suitable to your requirements using the ones given here!

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