15+ Credit Card Authorization Forms Template Download [Word, PDF]

Even with modern card machines replacing the manual paper-based card swiping systems, there are times when you need to revert back to the old technology.

This usually happens when you are in a place that has bad network connectivity and card machines are not able to work.

In such cases, you need a credit card authorization form.

Credit Card authorization templates- Microsoft Word

The following Microsoft Word authorization templates are fairly simple to use, come in an editable and downloadable format like a fleet maintenance log.

The advantage of using Word templates is that if you want to edit templates for your use or change the look and feel of it, then you will be able to do it with these templates.

You can make as many changes as you want but do remember to retain the original file just in case you have a use for it.

1.General authorization document

11CC-General Word

This is the most simple editable credit card authorization template you will ever come across. Available in a Word document format, this template contains all required fields of an authorization form and you can fill in the information and print it out.

Or print it and then fill in the information. Either way, the form offers lots of room for editing. However, this form isn’t suitable for processes such as recurring payments for an auto repair work order template.

2. One time Card Authorization Template


A one-time card authorization form is very similar to the format above and is used when the charge is for a single payment on the card.

Payments can either be one-time or recurring in nature and there are separate authorization forms for both. However, if you making just a one-time payment, then this is the right form to use similar to a printable high school diploma which is also a one time document.

3. Recurring Payment Card Authorization Template


This kind of card authorization template is to be used when you are making recurring payments while using a medical records release authorization form. Recurring payments are those payments that typically go out in a scheduled interval.

For example, you could take a loan through your card and the installments will go out on a pre-defined date every month or so.

Or you could also schedule a recurring payment for bill payments for which dates are usually fixed such as for an item for which the seller might have asked you to sign a bill of sale in georgia.

4. Card authorization templates for Hotels


A hotel authorization form is used by the hospitality industry to capture details of the credit/debit card transactions. There are instances when a guest uses a third party’s card or a card that’s not in their name.

In such cases, it is very important that they use a card authorization and consent form for legal purposes. This way their payments are secured.

5. Monthly Recurring Authorization Template


A monthly recurring authorization template is specifically used for things like loan payments that go out on a specific date, utility bill payments, and scheduled payments to people or businesses. In this Word template, you can enter details about the card, the cardholder, the amount, and define the monthly payment schedule as well.

Please do remember that if your recurring payments have an end date then that has to be clearly mentioned in the template. Otherwise, you will continue to pay indefinitely!

6. Card Authorization Form – Creative Design


Even a mundane process like filling out a card authorization form can be made a little creative.

Organizations can do some branding on their card templates with this editable and downloadable template like a general media release form.

You will be able to choose your background colors like this hennessy label, change the font, and add your company to this simple to use authorization template.

7. Card Authorization Template for Exhibitors


This authorization template is very useful for exhibitors looking for a format designed specifically for them. Exhibitors can edit this form to include their logo, company name, payment details, payee details, etc. The professionally designed form can be filled on the computer and printed out for your use. Or you could print these out in bulk and enter the data manually like these fake college transcripts with sealed envelope.

PDF Credit Card authorization templates

Our selection of PDF credit/debit card authorization templates is all professionally designed and easy to use. These templates are ready to be printed out and can be used for a wide array of applications. However, if you are looking to edit these PDF templates, you can convert them into Word docs or use a PDF editor.

8. General authorization template


The general authorization template is ready to use form that can be printed out as many times and put into work. The template has sections to capture the kind of card being used, the cardholder details, and the approval section as well. The form is very basic but does the job!

9. One-Time card authorization template


If you are looking to take payments just once from a person or company, then you could use the General template above or make use of a one-time payment authorization template.

To prevent misuse, it is always better to use the one-time payment authorization template as it clearly mentions that the card can be charged just once for the amount mentioned. In cases of dispute over multiple payments, having such a document is very essential.

10. One-Time card authorization template-ACH


If you didn’t know what ACH was, then it is one of the largest and safest payment networks available. ACH deals with electronic payments and has lots of checks in place to prevent theft. If you are using such a network then it is advisable to use this ACH authorization template for your transactions.

11. Card authorization template for Airlines


Airline companies have always been a major consumer of card authorization forms and that is why we have a dedicated template for them. This PDF form is customized to suit the requirements of a passenger airline company as it captures details of all the passengers using the card, the cardholder details, the charges, and the authorization section as well.

12. Card authorization template for the Hotel Industry


This free downloadable card authorization template is great for hotel and B&B owners looking for a simple to use template. Guests can fill out such forms with ease and in no time. All they have to do is fill in their card details, cardholder information, and check the services they have availed of in the hotel.

13. Card authorization template for Students


The student credit card authorization form makes it easy for students to make payments and collect receipts for the same. Often students do not have their own cards and end up using cards that belong to their guardians. This information can be capture through this template specifically designed for such instances.

This template also lets the students known of any additional charges that will ger levied, like a card processing fee percentage. If you are an educational institute, then such a free sample template will be of a lot of help to you.

14. Card authorization template for DMV


A lot of DMV’s (department of motor vehicles) around the world accept only card or online payments and this PDF template can be suitable for such uses.

With customized sections, this template captures information like the applicant details, the cardholder data, card information, and the proof of identity attached for the DMV application.

15. Card authorization template for Travel Agencies

CC-Travel Agency

This PDF template is highly recommended for people working in the travel segment. It meets the requirements of travel agents, travel agencies, tour operators, and any person/brand associated with making travel arrangements.

This template contains the disclaimers, travel cost, authorization sections, cardholder details, card information, and details a few terms and conditions as well.

What is a Credit card authorization form?

In very simple terms, a credit card authorization form is a legal document that captures details of a credit or debit card transaction. It allows a business owner the permission to charge a card a pre-mentioned amount that is recorded on the authorization form for a certain period of time defined as well.

This is usually used when the physical card isn’t available or when the card swiping machine is not able to complete the transaction.

When do you use a card authorization form?

There are instances when the physical card isn’t available and merchants still have to authorize card payments. So how does this happen? Let’s see instances of such forms being used.

Cardholder not present

This happens quite frequently. Students making payments through their parents’ cards, a couple using each other’s cards, and employees using corporate cards – all of these take place any given day and such instances warrant the use of a card authorization template.

Merchants will need to have proof of the payment and to safeguard their financials, they will have to get a signed authorization form from their customers.

Card machines not working

While traveling, we often go to places that have bad network connectivity. And this leads to spotty cell reception and hence card machines sometimes fail to complete transactions or are unable to initiate any at all!

In such cases, merchants may employ the use of card authorization forms to complete the payment process. Even though the process is manual, it safeguards the merchant from losing money. Without the proper network, the swiping system won’t function and cards will not be able to be charged.

Recurring payments

Many times we make recurring payments to vendors and in such cases filling up a recurring card authorization form might be required. Usually, for such cases, the card details are saved on file to ease the payment process. For example, you might be required to make recurring payments for a loan payment process or subscription service you might have taken.

To Avoid Payment Disputes

In order to save themselves from disputes, merchants often require their customers to fill in card authorization forms. There are cases where payees order to stop payments on their cards through their banks and this causes severe problems for merchants.

If you are a business owner and face a number of payment disputes, then it might be a good idea to start using card authorization forms.

Useful FAQ’s

1. Why don’t most of these templates have a section to enter the CVV?

Well, the CVV number is a highly confidential security measure that shouldn’t be disclosed to anyone. While filling out any kind of card-related documents, either online or offline, it is essential to never mention the CVV number anywhere.

Unless you make a payment online then you will be required to enter it for payment processing. If you share the CVV number, it is advisable to immediately block the card and apply for a new one.

2. What information should a card authorization template contain?

The format for an authorization template differs from company to company and the type of industry you work in.

However, the basic template should contain details like cardholder name, card information, amount, date, signature sections, the merchant information, and a write up that mentions that the merchant is authorized to charge the payment to the credit/debit card.

3. For how long does a merchant need to save the authorization forms?

There is no fixed answer for this as the legal procedures and financial years differ from country to country. However, it is advisable to keep the authorization forms till the tax period is over and for a couple of months after the payment is received.

However, we recommend that you keep digital copies of all the authorization forms as you never know when you will need them. Please do remember that card authorization forms contain sensitive personal and financial data of the cardholder and must be kept very securely at all times.

4. What is the meaning of a Card on File?

A Card on File option means that the merchant retains the card information of the payee. This usually happens when you make regular payments to someone and authorize them to store your personal card details.

A card on file system could be set up with an e-commerce company, your local supermarket, your newspaper provider, your telecom provider, etc. It works best in situations that either requires frequent payments to someone or schedule payments on a particular date.

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