Credit Card Authorization Form Free Download

Credit card authorization form can be considered an asset to every business owner as this helps the person to accept payments from customers through credit card without having to worry about the physical absence of card or chargebacks. The form allows the businesses to take consent from customers about the charges for a specific duration.

Sometimes, it can also be on an ongoing basis based on the service or product chosen. The advantage of using this form is that even if the customer disagrees with any charge imposed, it is impossible to reverse the transaction. As a result, disputes are avoided and the business owner can have a hassle free transaction.

Instead of creating a form on your own, it is a good idea to go for a template as the latter is neat, professional and has all the information that can help you avoid disputes at a later stage. The other benefit is it saves time too.

Blank credit card authorization form templates

If you are looking for forms where you can directly enter your business details and issue to your customers, then there are few templates that can help you achieve it.

Need an editable format? Here is the DOC version that you can edit for requesting more details from the customer.

The document is actually ideal when there is a recurring payment to be done by the customer and you don’t have to take consent every time. This one form is just sufficient to take consent for continuous payments and gets your bookkeeping process easier.

credit card authorization form template

One time charge form

In most of the cases, the business is expected to charge only for one time. Let’s say a person wants to book a room for a day in a new place. So, in this case, it is only one time and the business owner should not take advantage to charge again. This form makes it clear to both the sides that it is a one time charge.

Authorization form for travel

Whether a person travels by flight to another destination or stays at a hotel at the new place, this form is issued. This is because the credit card is used quite often while on travel.

If you are a travel agent or tour operator, keep this form handy. You do not have to create one on your own as you can miss important information. Instead, you can use these readymade templates that allow you to enter the tour package details as well.

credit card authorization form template

Authorization form for hotel

Have a new guest at your accommodation center who has issued a credit card for payments? You can accept payments without a second thought but handover this form before you accept. It ensures safety to your money.


Here is an editable version for your hotel/motel/accommodation center:

Authorization form for mortgages

If you lend money to someone in lieu of mortgage and expect the borrower to pay on time, you need to issue this credit card authorization form in order to avoid chargebacks and let your customer compensate for any bank charges.

You can notice that this is a letter where customer reads the terms and conditions and then gives the right to the lender to charge payments on a recurring basis.

Authorization form for hospitals

Credit card release document is extremely important to hospitals as there is a number of cases that the organization will have to deal on a daily basis. It is also impossible to file individual records for every detail of the patient. The release document actually helps hospitals to also store the date of admission, the doctor visited and the fees so you can refer it in the future.

Tips to use templates effectively

If you think that downloading these templates completes your job, then you are wrong. You actually need to know how to use them effectively. If you need some support to understand it better, here are a few tips:

  • Make it a habit to email the invoice to the visitor or customer in a professional format. Ensure that it has all the details such as your business name, service or product used and the amount charged. This enhances transparency on both the ends.
  • Avoid asking your customer to fax the form. It is outdated and time-consuming. Instead, you can ask them to send by other means. An e-mail would be apt as it can stand as an acknowledgment and proof that the business can use to take it forward.
  • Mention about the frequency of charges – one-time or recurring very clearly. This allows the customers to be prepared in terms of monthly budget allocation.
  • As a part of business ethics, you do not have the rights to store any personal information such as the security code of credit card and manipulate it later. This can be treated as a breach. So, include fields that are certainly needed and you can’t skip them.
  • If the orders happen through phone, ensure to collect email address and send the form via e-mail. Do not try to send through the phone as it is a bad practice.
  • For every payment made by the customer through credit card, you are supposed to send an invoice. Even if it is recurring, you should send the invoice as it enhances confidentiality and credibility.
  • To add ease to your internal record management process, pin this form along with the customer record so you can recollect the instance easily.
  • The final tip is to check if your template has these fields – cardholder name, billing address, credit card detail, business detail, authorization statement, and signature.


In this case, the business actually deals with the hard earned money of customer. It is better not to take the risk by creating a form on your own. Instead, you can go for editable or directly fillable templates based on your need. Keep this form handy at the billing counter so you never go out of stock and you can make the best use of it.

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