7+ Elf on The Shelf Letter Templates FREE in 2021 [Word, PDF]

With Christmas around the corner, maybe it’s time to recap the elf on the shelf tradition. But for that to be possible, you will need the elf to send a letter or letters depending on the number of kids in your house.

So how do you write elf on the shelf letters? With the help of our templates, of course! Have a look at the templates to get all the inspiration you need.

Printable Elf on The Shelf Letter Templates

1. Elf on the Shelf Template

Elf on The Shelf Letter Template

The elf on the shelf tradition is a way to keep the children in the Christmas spirit. It also ensures they look forward to the father of them all (Father Christmas or Santa). You can therefore use this template to write a letter that will make your kids behave better.

Talk of it as hitting two birds with one stone. You will have the children embracing the Christmas cheer while offering you their help to have entering read for Christmas. Download the template and customize it to fit your household’s situation, and spread the joy.

2. Elf on The Shelf Letter Template

Elf on The Shelf Letter

This template can work as a sounding board for Christmas. If you were struggling to have the children in the mood, then it’s precisely what you need. A great elf on the shelf letter should be highly personalized.

This letter does precisely that by mentioning the names of the kids. Editing it and adding a few snippets of tales your kids will love to hear will have them beaming.

3. Returning Elf on The Shelf Letter Template

Returning Elf on The Shelf Letter

After a long year of school and work for you, most people want just to sit back and relax with family as Christmas rolls around. This elf on the shelf letter template will do fine work of having your children believing in the tradition of Santa.

You can present it with minor tweaks, or you can add in a few extra words. The template should serve as a source of inspiration for you to write a more interesting message.

4. Elf on the Shelf Naughty or Nice Notice

Elf on the Shelf Naughty or Nice Notice letter


The essence of these letters is to make kids think someone is watching their every move. Therefore, that will encourage them to behave better, especially when they know a reward for behaving well.

The elf’s naughty and nice notices will help ensure the kids are walking a fine line to avoid missing out on any gifts. Whether they were nice or naughty will determine the type of reward they will get from Santa when Christmas finally rolls around.

5. Elf on The Shelf Introductory Letter Template

letter by Elf on The Shelf

This letter serves to help you introduce the elf to the kids. The red color that you often associate with Santa should be a hit with your kids. It is in a poetic style, so do toe the line when you add any other information.

6. Elf on the Shelf Template

Elf on the Shelf letter from north pole

Sometimes the most remarkable things come from the simplest designs. That’s what this elf on the shelf template offers you. If you needed the inspiration to write the letter, all you need is to read the few words on this template.

You can use it in many ways, but the most obvious one is introducing the elf to the kids.

7. Elf on the Shelf Letter

Elf on the Shelf Letter red border

Welcome the holiday season with this letter template. This letter will help you monitor your child and whatever they are doing-albeit indirectly. Children are usually huge believers in fantasy. That’s why it will be easier to make them believe an elf is watching.

Add a few words that will lure them into behaving even better or helping more at home.

8. Elf on the Shelf Return Letter Template

elf on shelf return

This letter is an excellent way for you to introduce an elf to your child. It is brief, which means it will get your child excited while not boring them with too many details. You can customize it as you like after downloading.

How to Make Your Letter More Authentic

While you might think most children are easy to manipulate, there are times they might see right through what you are doing. That’s why you will need your elf letter to be as authentic as possible.

If you want to have them hooked on the elf concept, you can do a few things to make the letters more believable.

Well, one thing you’ll not want them to see is your handwriting. Depending on how old your kids are, they might sniff out your writing straight away. That might then mean they won’t believe in the concept. To make the letter more authentic, try to write in a unique style.

If handwritten, try writing it with the hand you rarely use. You can use different font styles to add that childish and whimsy feel about the letter if you are writing it.

You could also add a smearing of chocolate or some peppermint. The peppermint will add the smell that should make your children believe the letter is straight from the north pole.

The chocolate smearing will make it seem like the elves were there. Of course, you need to ensure the chocolate is among the gifts!

Another fine way to make the letter more authentic is to add in some drops of glitter. A glittery letter will make your work to convince the kids the elves are on the shelves much easier.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is an elf on the shelf letter?

It is a Christmas tradition that propagates the Santa Claus tradition by making kids believe in elves. The elves watch on the kids and then report to Santa to determine whether the kids were nice or naughty.

2. What is the ideal elf on the shelf gifts?

Here you could go by the many gifts that children love depending on your budget. You could get some chocolate, ice cream or even toys.

Final Thoughts

If writing a letter from Elf on the shelf was giving you trouble, then our templates should have sorted that out. Download, customize and print them and spread the Christmas cheer amongst your kids.

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