5+ GENUINE Hennessy Label Templates Editable Download!!

Every one of us loves sending out gifts to our near and dear ones or to our friends and colleagues on special occasions.

Joyful events always call for something special and selecting gifts that are special and unique can be a tedious process.

Selecting gifts isn’t really a tough thing to do but giving someone a customized gift can be a daunting task!

For people who like giving out or receiving liquor bottles, a lovely bottle of cognac can make for a perfect gift! One such amazing gifting idea is the classic Hennessy cognac. Who doesn’t want their name on a Hennessy bottle?

Hennessy Lable Templates Download

Now giving out the Hennessy bottle itself is a very good gifting idea but if you want to more the gift even more special, then you can add a custom-made label to the bottle. All you have to do is remove the existing label on the bottle and print a new one as a sticker and gifting it to your loved ones.

We have some amazing, colorful, and unique Hennessy label templates for you to use!

1. Black and White Hennessy Label template


If you are looking for a classic or vintage Hennessy label format, then this will be a good one for you! The label comes with the tagline ‘Hennything can happen’ and the witty phrase is perfect for a gift. You can even gift it out to your colleagues or to your employees on the occasion of some outstanding achievement.

This Hennessy template comes in a ready to download format and you can print it out right away and stick it to the bottle. For best results, you need to print this out on sticker paper unlike a credit card authorization form (check out) which can be printed on a plain paper like a shipping label templateotherwise you won’t get a good-looking label if you print it out on printer paper and stick it to the bottle.

2. Hennessy Label for birthday presents


This is probably one of the most downloaded and most popular Hennessy label templates. This template is usually printed out for birthday and anniversary gifts but it can be customized for other occasions as well. This image template comes in a downloadable format and is ready to be used. If you are a graphic designer or know someone who is a designer, then you can get this template customized to no end!

Designers will be able to change the birthday person’s name, their age, and enter the sender’s name as well. There are numerous free design software through which you can edit such free templates.

3. Hennessy Blank Border Label


This Hennessy label format is quite different from the others as it gives you the complete freedom to make any edits you would want to it. This JPG image file can be downloaded and then you can make edits. To do that, you can either use a free image editing software and enter text and images into the format like you would do in this free work order template excel.

But before you make any changes, please save a copy of this blank format so that you can use it for any future designs you might want to make. If you don’t know how to make edits or are not well versed with photo editing, you can take someone’s help to make changes to this image.

4. Hennessy Blank Border Label


Although the Hennessy labels are best used for the Cognac bottles if you want to do something creative then you can print them out on crockery as well. Custom made dining sets are a rave and make for an excellent gift, especially for birthdays and anniversaries.

This image template is specifically designed to be printed out on plates and can be downloaded right away just like these construction estimate sample printables. Once the image is downloaded, you need to open it in a free image editor and make the changes according to your needs.

5. Hennessy Logo Label

5Hennessey Logo

If you are looking for the simplest of designs then this logo template can be a good choice. This logo is good to include in designs that you would have made on your own to give the original Hennessy look to it. All you have to do is download this logo and print it out for the bottle. Else you can add this logo to your own designs and make something truly unique!

Where can these Hennessy labels be used?

Usually, Hennessy bottle label templates are used to decorate liquor bottles. Hennessy being a liquor brand is extremely popular when it comes to Cognac and most gifting ideas contain customized bottle labels.

Hence here a few more places where you can use these downloadable Hennessy label templates.

  • As laptop stickers
  • Designs for customized dinner sets
  • Coffee mug stickers
  • Motorcycle/car stickers
  • Helmet stickers
  • Stationary prints

Things to remember before printing out bottle labels

Best you start printing out these customised Hennessy labels, there are a few things you will need to remember.

If you want the labels to look good, do not change the resolution of the images otherwise they tend to get blurry. And once printed they would not look too good on the bottle, ruining the gift. For the best results, print out the labels as they are for the best possible resolution and print quality.

If you want to make edits to the label templates, then use good editing software. Some of these labels will require you to change the text on them or even the background color or add content to it. High-quality editing software like Adobe  Photoshop is the best tool to make these edits. They will be able to match or recreate the font and colors used in these Hennessy templates.

What is Hennessy?

Hennessy is a french brand, a distiller that was established in 1765 and is a world-famous liquor manufacturer. Hennessy makes some of the most popular and most consumed Cognacs in the world and these are widely used for gifting purposes as well. So if you are looking for the perfect gifting idea, then giving out a Hennessy bottle is a fantastic option.

Even if the editing is top-notch, it needs to be combined with good print quality. Most people tend to print out these labels on normal printing paper and then stick them on the bottles. That looks rather fake or like an amateur job and doesn’t really deliver the expected experience! The gift is special and it needs to be of the best possible quality. Also, before you go, check out these employment verification form for rental and this fake college transcripts pdf. You can also create your own bill of sale.

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