19+ FREE High School Diploma Template DOWNLOAD [Word, PDF]

One of the most memorable parts of our lives definitely has to be our school days!

And one of the best experiences of being in school is the graduation day which is celebrated with much pomp and show. And it’s a ticket out of school and into college life.

A high school diploma template is awarded to students when they make it through high school. High schools usually last from Grades 9 to Grades 12 in the USA and Canada.

Given below is a varied list of diploma templates that can be downloaded and edited as per your requirements.

High School Diploma Templates Word/ Doc

Here is a comprehensive list of high school diplomas in Microsoft Word format. With these high school diploma template, you will able to download an editable version of the diploma template and can modify them to suit your requirements.

You will be able to edit the school logo, applicant name, year, course name, etc. Other elements like the border, colors, backgrounds, etc can also be modified to suit your needs in these high school diploma templates.

High school diploma Template – Basic Word

diploma template word

This is a very basic high school diploma certificate available in Microsoft Word format. If you are looking for a structure for a high school diploma certificate and want to build on top of that then we highly recommend this one and also these fake transcripts.

Elements like the font, font size, high school logo, name, colors, alignment, and text content can easily be edited as per your needs. You can also add elements, objects, and pictures through Microsoft Word and then print out the diploma on a suitable paper similar to a fillable blank check template pdf.

High school diploma – Basic with border

high school diploma template

This high school diploma also comes in an editable Microsoft Word format but is an improved version of the previous format. In this diploma format, you will get the right content format along with a lovely border to beautify the certificate just like a certificate of internship.

You will be able to edit the text content, add a school logo, name, add more content, and even change the color of the border. Once you are done editing this format, you just need to print it out like a credit card authorization form pdf fillable template!

High school diploma – Colorful border

HSD-Border Word

If you are looking to add some colors to your high school diploma then this is a really good format to try. The high school Microsoft Word format comes with the right content for the diploma certificate along with a gorgeous red border that adds an element of color to the high school diploma templates.

However, the amount of editing you can do is limited. All the text content can be changed by you but the border color is fixed. If you are good with Microsoft Word then you can remove this border, and use the free border formats you find online like an online editable car sale bill.

High school diploma – Stylish

HSDC-Brown Bar Word

This custom-made high school diploma comes with a splash of color and plenty of editable options. Made with stylish looking fonts, the high school template comes with a brown bar on the right-hand side and can be used as a place holder for your school logo in these high school diploma templates.

Each and every element in this Microsoft Word template can either be edited or replaced according to your required design. It’s a very neat, professional-looking design and one of the best templates we have like these auto maintenance logs!

Fancy high school diploma


Getting a diploma is a big achievement for a student and something that they will cherish forever. And to get a high school distinction on top of all this is like icing to the cake. This distinction diploma template is great to be awarded to students who need to be called out for the good work they have done.

It is semi-customizable – all the written elements can be edited for size, color, or font type, seal. And you should be able to add your school logo name to it as well. Please do note that all such colorful templates provided here need to be printed on a color printer to get the best results for the student.

Simple Distinct Diploma template

HSD-Distinction Word Simple

If you don’t want to go over the top with your diploma designers but still need a simple yet good looking high school template with seal, then you can download this one.

This one comes in a Microsoft Word format and can be edited to make changes to the text content. The background image on the seal template can’t be edited. But if you need, you can remove it and insert a new one.

Diploma template for framing

HSD-Framing Word

A lot of us like to showcase our diplomas as they are a reminder of our high school achievements. And the best way to do it is by framing the diploma and putting them up on the office wall!

This editable Word diploma template seal comes with stylish fonts and a beautiful dark brown border that will look really good when its printed out. Change the name and text content if required, add in your school logo and you are all set to print it out.

High School Diploma with Green Border

HSD-Green Word graduation ceremony

This Microsoft Word diploma format is good for those looking for a colorful certificate to award to their students name. Decorated with a lovely green border, this one is great for courses like environmental studies as it matches with the theme of the course in homeschool high school.

High school diploma – Kids format

HSD Kids Word

Looking for a free homeschool diploma format that you can add to board games or give to your kids or given to students? This homeschool high school template is a very useful tool for parents. You can give these out to your kids for all kinds of things. For example, give them a free certificate on a piece of paper for completing their chores or maybe doing well in sports!

High school diploma templates – Photoshop

Photoshop templates give you more power over editing and are much more customizable than most formats. So, if you are a designer looking for PSD diploma given to students with the name of the student then do try the samples we have below.

Photoshop diploma template in Black

HSDC-Black Photosho calligraphic font

This PSD college diploma template given to students is as elegant as it can get with a royal black background, white text, and a golden border design. The free high school diplomas has all the elements of a general diploma certificate and can be worked on photoshop for editing as well.

Elegant diploma template Photoshop


This free photoshop template comes with a bright blue and background along with the white text. You can add your school logo and change the color of the background as well in photoshop.

Make sure that you print these out on a good color printer for the best possible results to get this high school diplomas.

Photoshop diploma template

HSD-Brown Photoshop

Made with abstract elements, this college diploma template comes in a downloadable format that can be worked on photoshop. In Photoshop, you should be able to change elements like the colors, text content, and add/replace images as well in this free printable high school diploma.

Decorative diploma template


Decorate your free diploma certificates with this custom-made template with a beautiful brown border! Once you load it into Adobe Photoshop, you have the choice of either retaining all the design options or adding some of your own content to it.

If you are looking for a similar free template in Microsoft Word format, then you can check the Word section above for the same printable high school diploma.

Fancy Diploma Template

HSD-Fancy Photoshop

A beautiful running blue curvy color section to the bottom in this template makes it very smart looking! Most of the free template comes with a white background, professional-grade fonts and then adds a splash of color with the blue design option.

Certificate of Completion template


This free downloadable photoshop printable high school diploma works like a certificate of completion and can be used to grant a free high school diploma or as a certificate of attendance as well. If you are able to edit this template in Photoshop, then you can edit the free template to generate other diplomas such as Occupational diplomas, Diplomas with Honors, etc.

Basic Photoshop template

HSD-Basic B&W

This free printable high school diploma acts as a skeleton design, giving you the option of adding/replacing elements inside of it. Complete with a black and white design, these free templates are good for institutions looking for a simple yet elegant design. And it saves a ton of money not printing anything in color!

Free Certificate of Graduation

HSD-Blue Border

A free certificate of graduation is nothing but a general diploma certificate without any honors. This printable high school diploma can be modified in Adobe Photoshop and can be used by schools, colleges, and corporates for their internal training programs.

How are students awarded diplomas?

Just passing isn’t enough. Children need to get good grades and if possible, a distinction as well. Children are graded on a system known as the GPA, Grade Point Average.

Here the grades either range from A-F or from 1-4. Different countries or states have different requirements for grades and for better work opportunities, higher grades are a must.

Types of high school diplomas

General Diplomas

These are the most common kinds of diploma certificates and are usually awarded by schools. The General Diploma certifies that the student has completed the course with the basic requirements.

This means that the student has obtained passing grades in all their chosen subjects. General diplomas are sometimes also called a High school diploma since, as mentioned earlier, they are given out by schools only.

College Diploma

A college diploma is nothing but a college degree. When a homeschool high school student completes their high school diploma they are eligible to get into a college. College courses usually range from a 2-year period to a 5 year period. And at the end of the college term, if a student passes in all their courses then a College diploma is awarded to them.

When a student does exceedingly well, then a college diploma with distinction or a college diploma with honors is awarded to them. This outlines their achievement and is very helpful while applying for jobs.

printable high school diploma with Honors

This is what most Children aspire for! A homeschool high school diplomas with honors indicates that the student has outperformed in all their courses and done much better than the rest of the students.

Their overall GPA score is at a much higher level than the expected norms and such students are awarded a diploma with honors. The honor certificate can be for all the courses they have excelled in or for particular subjects where they have done brilliantly.

Occupational Diplomas

Students often take extra work for extra credit. This includes taking part in vocational programs which form a part of their educational process. The vocational programs are designed to take the student away from classrooms and engage in real-life learning.

Occupational diplomas are a great tool for those students who are not very inclined towards the conventional subjects but do well with a more hands-on approach. These diplomas eventually help a student steer into their chose career with the right set of skill sets and real-world experience.

Certificate of Attendance

A free certificate of attendance is not for every student. It is usually given out to Children who receive special education. There are a lot of students with disabilities who are either not able to attend all classes or are not able to finish the prescribed curriculum.

In such cases, a free Certificate of Attendance is awarded to them that demonstrates that the student has basic skills that complement their disabilities.


In most circumstances, diplomas are required to ascertain the skill and knowledge of a person. Diplomas outline the field of study, the overall capability, and the list of achievements of a student. Jobs are hard to come by nowadays especially for those who do not have a good education.

Getting a high school diploma is a basic requirement for anyone to kick start their careers. However, with just a high diploma, it is very difficult to climb the corporate ladder.

And that’s why a lot of students get into college for their advanced degrees. This propels them in their professional lives and gives them a better chance to do well.

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