5+ FREE Internship Certificate Templates Editable [Word, PDF, Doc]

Internships are an integral part of any college curriculum and important building blocks for students looking to enter the professional world!

Before students can join any organization, colleges make them go through a rigorous internship program that exposes them to the culture of the corporate world, expectations from bosses, and a first-hand taste of what work is like!

Internship programs are also designed to impart knowledge to students who get valuable corporate lessons from experts and imbibe skills that give them a competitive advantage. And once they complete such programs, an internship certificate cements their achievements on paper!

Free Internship certificate templates

Finding good internship certificate templates can be a daunting task as there are so many to chose from!

Here are some commonly used and useful internship templates that can be downloaded. Some of these can also be edited as per your requirements, while the others are there are guidelines for you to design your own certificates like these high school diploma template with seal.

1. Basic Internship Certificate template – Editable


We will start off with a basic internship template that comes in a Microsoft Word format similar to a new construction punch list template. You can download this free template and edit it as per your requirements.

If you are in a need of an internship template for your students then you can modify this word document to include text for your institute. And if you are an organization giving out internship certificates then all you need to do is input your company logo, name, and the details of the internship in this template.

2. Internship Certificate template for Law Students


Law colleges and institutes will find this internship certificate template very useful as it is specifically designed for them. The format is very detailed as it contains information about the institute, the student, complete internship details, and the stipend that was paid out to them after a thorough employee background check using these employee background check form authorization.

This free to use, downloadable PDF template is more than a certificate as it mentions all aspects of the internship program that the student has undergone.

If you are a document designer, then you can use this template as a guideline to make your own customized internship certificate template.

3. Designer Internship Certificate template


For those who want to design an internship certificate, this format is very useful. This template comes in an editable Microsoft Word format and you can make any edit to it.

Getting a certificate is a big achievement for students and a good looking certificate definitely adds to the experience. All the design elements in this format can be changed; even the border on the right. Use this template as a building block for other amazing designs that you can come up with!

Please note that this template is just for the internship certificate and does not contain a detailed internship report. Along with this certificate, if you want an internship report to be attached then you can either create it yourself or use the report templates in this article.

4. Internship Certificate template – Medical Courses


This internship template is probably one of the most detailed documents you will ever find! Designed to be used by medical institutions, this template contains details about the intern, the department worked for, grading, performance parameters, recommendations, supervisor details, and then the internship certificate.

You can call this template a full internship report due to the level of detail in it. If you are looking for a comprehensive internship certificate and report, then use this downloadable template as a guide.

5. Internship Certificate template – Medical Courses


Professional organizations and companies also give out internship certificates to all the students who work with them. Some give out certificates of completion whereas some give out certificates of accomplishments during their programs.

Either way, corporate certificates often are well designed and aesthetically very pleasing. This editable template is suitable for corporates as it contains a dash of color yet looks very professional. Users will be able to add in their company name, logo and make changes to the overall content of this Microsoft Word template.

Frequently Asked Questions

Have questions regarding internship certificates? Here are some common ones with their answers.

1. What is an internship certificate?

An internship certificate is a document issued to students or corporate interns who complete training or a professional program at an educational institute or professional organization.

Usually, interns join corporate organizations through collaboration with education institutes and offer on the job skill training for students. Good interns often get absorbed into the organization upon successful completion of their course.

2. What details should an internship certificate mention?

Well, it depends on who is issuing it. If a corporate is issuing it then details like the intern name, department, scope of work and feedback can be mentioned along with the certificate.

If an educational institute is giving out then the certificate is usually accompanied by details about the internship program, the student’s grades, and feedback from the organization and institute.

3. Is it mandatory to issue an internship certificate?

Not really. But for the intern, it has a great degree of importance. Internship certificates add to an intern’s qualifications and are very useful when they are in the job search process.

Some education courses have mandatory internships and such certificates are proof that the student has successfully completed such programs.

4. Can I issue e-Certificates for my Interns?

Yes, you can issue digital certificates. However, digital internship certificates must have the digital signatures from your organization, contain your company/institution logo, and should be in a downloadable and printable format so that students can print them out.


Designing the right internship certificate isn’t a very difficult task as long as you know what the format should look like. For those of you who want something ready to use, these templates should come in handy.

If you are adept at designing documents, then you can use these free templates to build on something that suits your requirements. All you need to keep in mind is that the internship certificates should look professionally designed and capture all details of the program! Also, before you go, check out these work order templates.

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