9+ FREE Medical Authorization Forms EDITABLE [Doc, PDF, Word]

Did you know that in some countries or for some medical procedures, it is essential to take consent before anything can be done? If you have heard of medical consent then yes that is what we are discussing.

Medical consent or medical authorization is a process where approval is taken by a doctor to conduct a medical procedure or share personal medical information.

And this is done through a Medical Authorization or Medical Consent form.

Free Medical Authorization Form templates

In this article, we have provided a  comprehensive array of the most useful and commonly used medical authorization templates.

These comprehensive documents cover formats that are used for a variety of incidents and can be used by anyone.

1. Medical Authorization form for a minor child


Protecting the interests of a child is one of the prime responsibilities of a parent. In a lot of places, children can not be treated unless they are in a life-threatening situation. This is done to protect the rights of the child and ensure they get the right treatment.

In such cases, parents of minor children are required to fill out a medical authorization form that allows the medical team to examine and treat the child. All medical institutions are required to obtain this without which they are legally not allowed to operate.

2. Medical Authorization form for writing Prescriptions


Giving out prescriptions can also be a complicated procedure and at times, medical professionals are required by law to obtain authorization from patients or their guardians. In case a patient has the potential to develop allergies due to certain medicine, then it is a must to obtain such approval.

You can download this template which serves as an authorization form for prescription and print it out for use. It contains all major fields of information that need to be captured along with a consent form.

3. Medical Authorization form – Release of Medical Information


A patient’s medical information is a part of their personal information and is protected under data protection laws. If any medical institution needs to release or access a patient’s medical history, then they need explicit approval from them or their guardians.

You can download this template and use it to obtain medical authorization to release any kind of medical data belonging to your patients.

4. Medical Authorization form – Medical Treatment


This is a general use authorization form for any kind of medical treatment. It can be used for minor children and signed by their guardians. Or you can use it for adults as well as either get it signed by the patient or their family members.

If you are looking to design your own medical authorization template, then you can surely use this as a reference document.

5. Medical Authorization form – Risky Activities


This authorization is a very detailed and comprehensive document that not only serves as an authorization form but is also a risk acknowledgment and consent letter.

There are many individuals who are involved in risky jobs or indulge in high-risk adventure sports. Such individuals are usually required to sign a medical consent form that authorizes medical teams to operate on them. You can also you this form when children attend activities like trekking, camping, or any event where they risk getting injured.

6. Medical Authorization form – Emergency Situations


Anyone, anywhere in the world can face unforeseen circumstances where their physical well-being is threatened. In emergency medical situations too, medical institutions will need the authorization to operate on the patient.

For such situations, you can fill and file an emergency medical authorization form and submit it to medical institutes. So, in a medical emergency, the patient can be looked after without any hassles of additional documentation.

7. Medical Authorization form – Examinations


Medical authorization forms are not just used in dire medical situations or emergency situations. Even for a simple medical examination, sometimes such approval letters are a mandatory requirement.

The attached template details the medical examinations the patient needs to go through and then a section to take either their approval or their guardian’s approval.

8. Medical Authorization form – Legal Template


In this detailed legal medical disclosure and authorization form, a patient is approving the usage of their medical information defined with a certain scope. Medical organizations like HIPAA often require patient medical data to process insurance claims.

For such instances, you need to fill in a release form that authorizes such institutions to access your personal medical information.

9. Medical Authorization form – For Employers


Many organizations and government institutions are required to conduct medical examinations on job candidates and existing employees, contract staff, etc. For example, a candidate applying to join a police academy will be required to go through a rigorous medical examination.

During such examinations, the candidate will again be required to sign a medical authorization form for examination as well as the release of medical information to the organization requesting it.

All the authorization templates attached in this article are free to use and can be downloaded as well. Hope they meet your requirements.

Frequently Asked Questions

Have questions regarding the medical authorization templates? Here are some common ones with their answers.

1. Why are medical authorization forms necessary?

There could be several reasons why such forms are required to be filled in and some of these include

  • Protecting patient medical information from free circulation
  • Preventing unauthorized access of private information
  • Enabling patients and guardians to make decisions about medical treatments
  • Protecting medical institutions against potential lawsuits

These authorization forms are not only designed to protect the rights of a patient but of the medical institutions as well. In many instances, doctors do not know what the result of their treatment will be.


And sometimes treatments do not produce the desired results or have adverse effects. To protect themselves, they get an authorization form signed so that they are not liable for any problems arising out of the medical procedure.

On the other hand, patients and their guardians need to protect their rights and well-being. Medical malpractices are becoming a frequent event where institutions conduct unnecessary procedures or ones that are very expensive without the patient’s consent.

To avoid getting into these circumstances, patients are also advised to fill out authorization forms that mention only those procedures that have been agreed upon by both parties.

2. What are the must-have details in a medical consent form?

Every medical consent form must include details like

  • Patient name & contact details
  • Patient guardians details
  • Purpose of the consent form
  • Terms & conditions
  • Consent Statement
  • The validity of the authorization document
  • Scope of the authorization document
  • Doctor’s diagnosis
  • Risk associated

Please do note that the above-mentioned list is not exhaustive and just an indicative list of elements that should be included in the medical authorization forms. Such consent forms cannot possibly list out all risks associated with the procedure.

3. Can anybody provide consent towards the procedure?

If you are taking consent from a patient, there are certain conditions like

  • Consent needs to be voluntary
  • The patient needs to be mentally competent to provide consent
  • Even though verbal consent is allowed in some countries, it is better to obtain written consent

If these conditions are not met then you will need to get consent from the patient’s guardians.


A free medical authorization template is a handy document for someone looking for such documents. However, the real document is a very serious piece of paper and needs to be carefully drafted.

Proper medical authorization forms either need to be designed by an experienced professional, and they need to be vetted by a legal professional.

Often such documents are required during the time of a legal dispute and hence the format needs to be legally valid and inclusive of all required information. The above templates are a good beginning point and you can download for them you use right away.

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