9+ Sample Painting Estimate Templates Download [Word, PDF]

Estimation is an important element of any project that you run and even your painting jobs involved a lot of calculations and crucial tasks.

Such information can be documented through a Painting estimate template designed specifically for paint jobs. Whether it is a home paint job, a commercial contract, or a car paint project, these templates come in handy.

A key part of this project is selecting the right estimation tool that suits your requirements so that it gives you the desired results and helps in the overall efficiency of the project.

Free Painting Estimate templates

In this article, we have an extensive array of the most useful and commonly used painting estimate templates.

Whether you are a business owner or a homeowner, these templates will suit your project needs. Download them now and start your painting projects!

1. Painting Estimate template – Simple form


To start off with our list of painting estimate templates, there is this form which is a simple quotation document. Before you undertake any painting project, as a business owner, you are often required to send quotations to clients such as a service printable doc.

You can use this free template to send quotations to your clients. Details include information about the work, the cost, payment terms, etc.

2. Painting Estimate template – Detailed Work Document


The first template is a basic quotation template which is great for small projects but if you need something more detailed then this template will come in handy. This painting estimate template is a comprehensive document that contains the detailed project specs, inclusions & exclusions, warranty terms and break up of the cost structure.

If your clients require in-depth information about the scope of the project, and its costings then it is recommended that you use this format. All sections have been covered in detail and if you want to use this to make your own formats, you can download it free of cost like a punch list template excel!

3. Painting Estimate template – Editable Detailed Costing Sheet


Painting jobs are quite a tedious process and there are lots of costs associated with it. These include the cost of labor, cost of paints and other materials. This Microsoft Excel template doesn’t only capture details of the job quotation, but also provides a good amount of detail about the cost elements.

In this sheet, all you have to do is enter the materials, quantity, and cost, and the rest is calculated automatically. You can make changes to the sheet as well like you would in a maintenance log excel. But if you do, be careful not to make changes to the formulas.

4. Painting Estimate template – Request for Proposal


A request for proposal is a document that is usually prepared and circulated to invite bids from contractors or service providers. So if you are looking to get a painting project done, then you could fill in a Request for Proposal (RFP) form.

In this free to use, downloadable template, there are sections to enter your details, the project details, and other information about submitting the proposal. Once you get several proposals from vendors, you can finalize the one that is most suitable for your requirements.

5. Painting Estimate template – Editable Simple Calculator


Calculating and keeping track of costs involved with your painting project is an essential activity and you need to right tools for the same. If you are running a home painting project, then you probably wouldn’t need a complicated document to track your costs.

Download this Microsoft Excel template to calculate cost elements for your project. You can make modifications to the sheet as well and print them out if required.

6. Painting Estimate template – Detailed Project template


This template is not a cost calculator or a quotation format but something much more detailed than that. Before you can do cost estimations for your project, you need to understand how it is done.

This free to use template how you can do cost estimations for your painting project, along with informative data about different factors that affect the overall budget of your project. Use this template as a guideline to make your project documentation like the Request for Proposal documents.

7. Painting Estimate template – Editable Material Wise Invoice


This free to download Painting invoice calculator is a simple Microsoft Excel sheet that can be edited. The first page is a high-level pricing estimate that can be found in other templates as well. But below that is a highly detailed section that has a complete breakdown of all imaginable costs associated with the project.

Every material that is being used in the painting project can be entered as a row item in this excel sheet along with its description, color, quantity, and discount details!

8. Painting Estimate template – Editable Simple Invoice


For smaller painting jobs or for home improvement projects, you can use the above-mentioned painting estimate template. It is a really simple, editable Excel file that contains information about the material, quantity, and cost for each one of the materials.

This sheet can be used as a cost calculator to see how much the overall painting project will cost and you can plan your budgets accordingly.

9. Painting Estimate template – Editable Simple Invoice


Now, this is a really interesting template for everybody who has a painting project going on. It is not exactly a painting estimate format but a tool to determine how much paint you will need for the job!

The document highlights a calculation method to find out the amount of paint depending on the surface area that needs to be painted. It is very useful to find out how much paint you need so that your budgeting can be spot on!

All the above-mentioned templates are free to use and can be downloaded as well. Hopefully, they should come in handy for your painting project!

Frequently Asked Questions

Have questions regarding the painting estimate templates? Here are some common ones with their answers.

1. What are the key elements of an estimate template?

Whether it is a home improvement project or a commercial job, here are some important details that need to be documented in such a form.

  • A detailed description of the requirements
  • Square feet area that needs to be painted
  • Break down of all cost elements with quantities and product information
  • Additional cost items such as labor, taxes, overheads, etc
  • Total cost
  • Terms & conditions

2. What are the benefits of using the painting estimate calculator?

In this age of mobile phones and apps, a lot of us tend to look for apps for every need we have. This can be a tedious process – looking for the apps, downloading them, creating a profile, and then using them.

So apart from helping you plan your projects better, these templates give you an easy interface to work with as well. All you have to do is to download them and put them to use. As contractors, you will use tools to calculate your costs and track the work. And that’s where these templates will come in handy.


A free painting template is an asset for anyone working on such projects. All the above templates are made with a simplistic approach and can be used by anyone. You just need to click on the download link and start using the templates. Hope you found the ones you were looking for!

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