13+ Free Policy Brief Templates & Examples [Word, DOC, PDF]

Before you get to downloading these policy brief templates, let’s first understand what a policy brief is all about! A policy brief is a detailed summary of a problem and the solutions to it. Policy briefs are usually developed by government bodies or private organisations looking to implement certain processes.

Policy briefs are highly detailed documents and are generally not clearly understood by people who are not familiar with such documents. Therefore it is very important to write such documents with as much clarity and information as possible.

Free Policy Brief Templates

Mentioned below is a collection of policy briefs from a wide range of topics. From education to the entertainment industry, we have got templates from across industries that you will find very useful.

1. Volunteering Policy Manual


This Word document is an ideal policy brief template for those to draft guidelines for a volunteering program. Government bodies across the world work with volunteer groups and now even corporations engage volunteers for a lot of their community outreach programs.

However, when developing such programs you will need a detailed guide about the program, who can join, what the criteria are and what will be a volunteer’s responsibilities.

You will need to train volunteers on basic things like dress code, confidentiality agreements, accident procedures, safety issues, and attendance, etc. And all this is done through the Volunteer Policy brief. Also, generally an internship certificate sample is provided.

2. Policy Manual for a Film Commission


This downloadable and editable Word template is designed for the film commissions. Film commissions include the film and audiovisual sectors that work primarily in the entertainment and advertisement industries. A film commission has multifaceted roles.

Apart from developing a localized film making industry, it is also responsible for attracting foreign filmmakers to shoot their films in the commission’s country. This results in exchanging of best practices, increased foreign investments, and the creation of more jobs!

So, if you work for a film commission then you can use this template to make your policy brief. Also, you might want to use these free blank check word document to pay your staff.

3. Policy Brief for Migration & Au Pair problems


The world has become a small place and people are now migrating from their home countries to places all over the world. Lots of countries face skill shortages and took at other nations to hire people with specific skills to plug the demand.

Such countries with a high migrant population often have a policy for the welfare of this population. The migration and Au Pair policy briefs include legal frameworks that protect the migrants, document their rights, and work towards the upliftment of weaker sections of society in the migrant population.

You can use this free, downloadable, and editable sample template to draft your own migrant policy. The document already has a lot of information and all you have to do is to edit it for your requirements similar to a social media release form.

4. General Policy Brief template with detailed instructions


You might have downloaded all possible policy brief templates but if you don’t know how to make one, nothing will be of use to you. This template comes with a detailed guide about how to write policy documents.

A good quality policy brief will clearly outline the research information and will identify any implications of these findings for development policy and practice. With a step by step guide and a blank policy brief sample, this template lets you practice making policy briefs till you are confident enough of making an official one!

5. Product Returns Policy Brief


Ever ordered a product and then returned it? Do you know that someone had to write a returns policy brief too? The Returns Policy brief is basically a document that talks about which products can be returned and which cant be. And if a product is eligible for returns, then what the conditions need for it.

It also talks about how the refund process needs to work in case of a return order. For product companies, it is essential to have a returns policy and for most of the others, they need to have a refund policy as well.

6. Same-Gender Union Policy Brief


Across the world, there is a movement to legalize same-gender unions through a legal procedure. Some governments have already implemented laws to recognize such marriages while others are working on it.

However, before such provisions are made someone needs to prepare a draft policy to recognize same-gender unions. This free template helps you do that. It captures in detail information like current marriage policy, past policies, problems, and proposed solutions to legitimate such relationships.

7. Open Education Resources Policy Brief


Open education resources are learning resources that are found online in public domains and are released for free. Think of it as a Wikipedia for educational data.

Educational institutes and government departments for education often have such resources that they distributed online free of cost and it helps under-developed nations to access high-quality information without having to pay for it.

This document provides the framework for you to write such policy briefs specifically for the education industry and specify the quality of material, its frequency, and access conditions.

8. Policy Brief for Infrastructure Projects


To set up an infrastructure system that combines the functioning of the Government along with private corporations can be a tedious and overwhelming process. Writing policy briefs that someday will turn into laws is a very complicated yet important task.

To approach this task with a systematic approach, you will need this template that contains the appropriate methodology for such infrastructure projects. So download it and edit the template as per your requirements.

9. Policy Brief Memo template


Policy briefs are complicated documents that can contain hundreds of thousands of pages and not everyone with access to it will go through each and every page of it. Often senior officials ask for a policy brief memo to be attached with each document that is similar to an executive summary of the document.

A memo brief is a document that contains concise information about the problem, its solution, analysis, options, explanations, and recommendations. These are also used as approval documents during the initial phases of policymaking.

10. Policy Brief template for Livestock Industry


This is a free, downloadable, editable, and printable Microsoft Word template for the Livestock industry. This industry is vast and comes under a barrage of regulations and any new entrant will have to follow all of them.

This template documents policymaking sections like facts of the industry, its challenges, solutions, trade agreements, taxation, and impact on the environment. Download your copy now and make edits if needed.

11. Policy Brief template for Climate Change impacts


Climate change is a real problem and a big threat to the human race. Governments around the world are working towards the enactment of policies that will reduce our carbon footprint and reduce the rate of climate change.

These policies are usually drafted by Government bodies in collaboration with certain Environment Management Agencies. So if you are looking to work on the policy writing process, use this free template to prepare your document.

This template is divided into sections like an Executive summary, Background research, policy recommendations, alternative solutions followed by the conclusion.

12. Policy Brief template for Energy and Transport industries


Imagine you have to write a highly detailed policy document and you chance upon a template that does most of the job for you! Wouldnt it be amazing? Well, this format is exactly what you are looking for if your scope of work is around Sustainable energy and transportation.

This professional-grade policy brief template talks about how our transportation needs have led to major oil consumption and the use of a large amount of energy as well.

The policy aims at reducing carbon footprints through improved vehicle efficiency, sustainable transportation practice, alternative fuel development, better infrastructure, and incentives for electrical and zero-emission vehicles!

13. Land Rights Policy Brief template


There is an increased debate among communities and governments about whether communities should be able to use non-timber products from forests. So basically communities want to be able to use plants and trees from Protected Areas for their own use.

This template is for such cases where the government needs to draft policies related to Land usage, land rights, and a community forestry program. You can download this Microsoft Word template for free and make edits to suit your needs.

Important Elements of Policy Briefs

Making policy briefs isn’t a very difficult process as long as you have a clear and concise structure for the document. To help you out here are some important sections that need to be there in every such document.

Problem Identification

This is the first and most important step. You need to define and breakdown the problem into smaller parts so that it’s easy for everybody to understand.

Problem Scope

The scope defines the extent to which the problem exists. Once you define the problem, you need to understand how big it is to design the appropriate solutions for it.

Methodology & Outcome

The methodology is nothing but the science you will use to solve the problem. Your policy brief document needs to be mention in detail how you plan to arrive at a particular solution. Along with this, the outcomes using the methods also need to be mentioned. Usually, researchers and policymakers use different methodologies to arrive at different solutions or at the same solution.

Conclusion & Recommendations

This is the main part of the policy brief and mentions an actionable item for its target audience. Your recommendations need to come from the research you have done in the policy brief and should be the best possible solution for the problem you identified earlier in the study.

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