17+ Printable Check Register Template Download [FREE PDF]

Check registers can also be referred to as “transaction registers” or “check ledger.” Their role is to help individuals or businesses keep track of transactions made with checks.

If you often run multiple transactions daily via checks, keeping a check register would go a long way.

check register

Guess what? You don’t have to create a check ledger by yourself manually. We made a list of 17+ Printable Check Register Templates that are perfect for anyone. Ready? Let’s dig in.

Free Printable Check Register Template

1. Simple Printable Check Register Template

Check Register Template


There are various kinds of Check Register. But you must figure out what you need it for before choosing which one fulfills your needs.

A simple Printable Check Register Template will come in handy if you need it to manage your finances.

This template comes in an excel format and covers the basic details like the check number, the date, the description of the transaction, deposit/ credit amount, payment/ debit amount, and balance. The formatting is print-ready. Simply make the changes you want and print it.

2. Flexible Check Register

This is another simple Check Register used by individuals and business owners. The only difference is that it uses different terms to direct you on what information fits each column.

For instance, there’s a column for withdrawals and another for deposits.

These columns already give you an idea of what detail fits in. Aside from that, this template is flexible as it allows you to modify and add more information. It also has a “spending summary” section to add more details on your finances.

3. Colorful Printable Check Register

Check Book Registers do not have to be boring. Although simple, they should have a bit of color. If you’re a fan of colors and would love a check register with a stylish outlook, you should opt for this.

Not only is this register functional, but it is also stylish. It’s like having the best of both worlds. It has every necessary detail that should be on a Check Register Template. It comes in an MS Word format and is downloadable after making the required edits.

4. Detailed Check Register

If you need a more detailed Register, you should check this out. As an entrepreneur, you would have to record more detail to keep track of your checks and balances.

In that case, this template allows you to note more information about transactions. For instance, you’ll be able to record details like the opening and closing balance of the account you’re trying to keep a record of.

It also allows you to note the type of transaction that occurred with the account- ATM, Deposit, Transfer, Check, etc. There’s also a column for “reconciliation data.”

5. Check Register

This template has a bit of a twist. While it looks simple, it helps to verify the status of the payment made to your account. Here’s what I mean.

It has a column for “status of check,” which aims to identify the status of payments made to your account.

You’ll need to represent payments that have been successfully cleared with an “x” on the template. Void payments are noted on this register with a “v,” while “stop payments” is written as “stop pymt.” There’s also a column for “adjustment” on this register.

6. Running Balance Register

This unique check register helps you calculate your balance as money flows in and out of your account. All you need to do is fill in the debit and credit transaction details as it occurs.

Then, you’ll be able to calculate the money in your account based on the details you fill in. This excel sheet keeps track of your account balance- updating it as you make withdrawals and deposits.

7. Large-print Check Register

If you prefer to use a check register with large print, try this register. The reason is that your customers can tell what details go into the column.

So, rather than fill it in yourself, you can simply pass it on to whoever made the payment or deposit to your account to fill in the details. The categories are clear and bold.

The best part is that it comes in a PDF format with zero necessity to adjust the structure.

8. Balance Check Register

Filling in transactions manually can be tricky. You risk making wrong calculations. But this register brings you closer to filling in the accurate detail. It has a manual log of your transactions.

All you just need to do is fill in the document with details of your bank transactions. Once you fill it in, crosscheck it with your bank transaction details to be sure they are correct.

This document comes in a PDF format, making it print-ready.

9. Simple Printable Register

This is another simple register that gives you an easy way to keep track of your finances. It only holds a little information. So, you’ll see the basic information on this check register, like the date, transaction type, deposit, withdrawal, etc.

This template takes it a step further to highlight the account balance, account type, account number, etc. Simply download and print the document to start using it.

10. Straightforward Printable

Just as the name says, this template is straightforward. It is also neat, with all the titles of the columns clearly highlighted. The color blue on the register makes it fun to use.

All that’s on this template includes the check number, balance, amount in/ amount out, and the date.

There’s a column to add remarks about the transaction, and the template comes in an excel sheet. So, you can either fill it in on your computer or print it out and fill in the details manually.

11.  Chase Check Register


It’s okay to be a newbie at managing your check ledger. In effect, you need help understanding how to fill in the details on a regular transaction register.

But that doesn’t mean you should give up on using it to track your transactions.

With this template, you’ll find it easier to use a check register. It comes with instructions that guide you on how to fill in the details.

12. Personal Check Register

This one is handy for people who need to track their personal- not business, finances. That’s why it looks incredibly basic.

All you need to fill in the template includes transaction, withdrawal, deposit, date, and check number. That way, it’s less intimidating. Feel free to print it out as it comes in a PDF format.

13. Printable Register


This is another template for first-timers with financial transactions and Printable Check Registers. It gives detailed guidance to newbies on how to fill in a check register.

Aside from the table of the check register, you’ll spot detailed instructions on what details you should fill into each column in the template.

Simply follow the instruction, and you won’t experience difficulty using the template. The best part is that the document has been pre-formatted. So, you don’t need to change anything. Just follow the instructions on how to fill it out, and you’ll be good.

14. Printable Register

If you do not want a check register that’s too simple, I suggest you opt for this. It is colorful and comes with a bit more detail compared to a basic check register template. The color in the template makes it a bit more fun to interact with.

But aside from that, it adds a column to indicate which check has been cleared and which hasn’t. The summary also includes the amount you closed your bank account monthly and the amount you’ll need to “reconcile.” It comes in an excel format, meaning you can edit the current details in the document to reflect yours.

15. Easy Printable Register

This template adds a bit of a twist to the other registers. For accuracy, you’ll need a column to record the fee you’re charged per transaction. For instance, when you purchase anything via bank transfer, it might attract charges from your bank.

This column helps you note the fees you were charged.

16. Printable Register Template with Running Balance

If you need variety regarding check registers that allow you to monitor your running balance, here’s something you can try. Although it comes in a PDF format, it is perfect for helping you keep track of your expenses in real time.

As you spend, it’s left to you to fill in the necessary details ranging from the date, balance, reconciled, etc.

17. Check Register

This check register is different from other registers you’ve seen. It was specifically designed for businesses that deal with container shipments to track the payment of your cargo.

This comes in an MS Word format, making it easy to edit before printing.


What are the uses of Check Registers?

Check registers help you keep track of activities related to your bank account. You’ll know the amount you have in your account in real-time.

If there’s been an identity theft, you’d spot it early on and report it to your bank. Check registers also help you determine what you can and cannot afford.

It’ll also help you budget better.

What is the basic information on a Printable Check Register Template?

Regardless of the Printable Check Register Template you get, there is basic information that should be on it.

They include transaction description, withdrawal and payment amount, check number, date, deposit amount, transfer, balance, and fee amount.


With the internet being one of the most powerful tools in the world, you no longer have to create your own check register from scratch. I’ve got you covered with these 17+ Printable Check Registers. Choose the one that best fits your needs, and download it.

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