11+ Production Schedule Templates Free Download [Word, Excel]

When you’re in business, you’ll need a Production Schedule to meet your target and provide the goods on time.

But you should know that Production Schedule Templates are not only relevant in manufacturing products.

Event planners and film producers could use them, too- but the template structures are usually different.

Free Production Schedule Template

1. Master Production Schedule Template

Production Schedule Template

This Production Schedule Template provides an easy solution for Businesses to schedule and monitors their production processes. It’s simple enough to understand.

All the columns have been titled correctly; you just need to fill in the relevant details. It comes in an excel format that is easy to work with.

All the necessary information has been highlighted. These details include the order status, production number, product list, starting and ending inventory, etc.

The template also includes a section explaining any delay in the manufacturing process.

2. Production Schedule Template

Excel Production Schedule Template

The goal of any Product Schedule is to cover all the necessary details during the manufacturing process.

A glance at this template will reveal that you’ll get most of the information you need, including details about the sales contract. It adds a column for payment status, too.

So, you can tell if the customer for whom you are manufacturing the product has made payment.

You’ll also learn about it from the product description, the start and date of the production process, and the customer’s name.

3. Anvyl Production Planning Template

It’s okay to switch things up a bit when keeping track of your manufacturing processes, and this template offers a unique approach.

It starts with a fascinating structure and deploys color coding while giving room for excellent detailing. You’ll find it easy to fill in some information.

This template has all the relevant details that spell out your production’s essential facts, figures, and information. For instance, a small box at the top summarizes the production.

You’ll find details like the first ship date, the estimated production volume per year, monthly maximum capacity, etc.

4. Short Film Production Schedule

production schedule template film

With the Production Schedule Template listed so far, you may think it only works for businesses that have to procure goods for their customers. But that’s not true.

Production Schedule Templates can help you plan your film shoot, too. A good template can help you plan through your movie production- from shooting to editing.

Here’s a template explicitly modeled to make your film production process run smoothly.

It’s also simple and straightforward. You have the luxury of filling in every detail- down to the filming activity you plan to do on set.

5. Daily Production Schedule

With this schedule, your production team would stay ahead of the daily production process. For the days when the delivery of raw materials needed to make a product is delayed, you can indicate it on the template.

The schedule also recognizes the flow of your processes, the name of your customer, the total quantity that would be produced in a day, etc. This schedule is quite detailed for a daily production schedule.

6. Film Production Schedule Template

When preparing to shoot a movie, this is one template that would be beneficial to you and your team. Product and raw materials aren’t needed here. So, the overall template is different.

Here, the production, the number of weeks for the production, the group that’ll be required on set, the director, and the producer scheduled to be on set are indicated.

Everyone involved knows what and when they would be needed on the set every day of the week. There’s no color coding, but it’s straightforward to fill.

7. Shift Schedule Template

When you have to produce many products, but with different targets, your production team could deploy a shift production template. For instance, this template would come in handy if you had to run at least 3 production shifts, with different targets assigned to each shift.

Note that this template differs from an employee shift schedule. It is more of a production shift schedule.

That’s why this template carries a space to highlight the production target for each production spree you embark on. You can also quickly tell which shift the template is for with the Alphabet specifying if it’s shift A, B, or C.

8. MRP Inventory Policy Production Schedule

If you needed to determine and calculate the labor and distribution cost and fulfill demands made by your customers, you’d need a Master Production schedule.

All the elements required in the manufacturing processes are brought together and converted into an elaborate production schedule template.

So, it’s not surprising to see this template broken down into parts with the details required to fulfill production demands weekly. It’s a simple solution for more complex production procedures with details like a gross requirement, planned order receipt, scheduled order receipt, etc.

9. Music Video Production Schedule

Here’s another production schedule template for an entire team working towards producing a music video.

It spells out every action the team must engage in, from brainstorming to cast and crew selection. In essence, every team member understands their role and the days they are expected to take specific actions that impact the production process.

Details like the Director, Cinematographer, Editors, etc., are already highlighted at the top of the schedule.

Everything you need to make your music video production work has been highlighted on this template, too. You just need to edit it and fill out your production details.

10. Event Production Schedule

When producing a show or event, you’ll need a Production Schedule Template to ensure it flows smoothly. Think of this as a way to alert the cast and crew when they should play their roles.

That way, it breeds order and organization all through the event. Production Schedule Templates for events are usually different and straightforward.

It fills in the time everyone should be in a position to play their roles, what roles everyone has to play, etc.

11. Song Production Schedule

Production Schedule Templates are also helpful when it comes to Music Production. It plays a vital role in almost every production context.

However, the format for a song production differs from that of a product, movie, or music video production.

As seen in this template, you’ll have to include what you intend to do- vocals, overdubs, basic tracks, the location- studio, the hours required to pull it off, and the cost per hour.

Usually, the template is divided into two stages- the pre-production and actual production phase. Regardless, both phases reflect the prices for the service.


Why are Production schedule templates essential?

There are too many factors to consider when it comes to any kind of production- film, event, product, music, etc.

Without caution, you might leave out some minute but essential details while trying to execute a production properly.

A Production Schedule Template is vital for the smooth flow of the entire production. It also ensures that every part of the production is considered, leading to flawless execution.

No detail would be left out. This template is also a crucial data-storing method.

When and who can use a Production Schedule Template?

Anyone who has to engage in production of any kind can use a production schedule. Production Schedule Templates are versatile and flexible.

They are essential in the corporate world for monitoring and organizing the production process of goods in demand to planning the production process for a music video, song, or event.


By now, you should have realized that Production Schedule Templates come in different formats. What matters is that you define the context you’ll need it for.

Then, get a template that fits into the production. If you need clarification about where to begin, our list of templates will point you on the way.

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