7+ Punch List Templates Download FREE [Word, Excel, PDF]

If you don’t know what a Punch List is, then in very simple terms it is a to-do list to track important tasks. Like activity lists, Punch Lists have details of all the tasks that need to be completed along with their current status or due dates.

The reason these lists were called Punch Lists is due to the fact that in many industries, people punched holes next to the items to indicate they were completed! Now the punch lists have evolved into digital formats making it easier for everybody to use them!

Free Punch List templates

Here is a collection of the best punch list formats for different uses. All these templates are completely free, are downloadable and most of them can be edited for your requirements.

1. Sample Basic Punch List template


This sample punch list template comes in a Microsoft Excel format that can be downloaded and edited as per your requirements. The template is fairly easy to use and contains columns for your action items, work details, and their status.

If you are using these templates for your organization, you can customize them too! Once you are done entering your details, you can print this file out as well just like you would in a medical authorization form for adults.

2. Construction Punch List template


Punch lists have traditionally been used extensively in the construction industries and this format is designed for the same purpose. This format provides for the essential elements that go into your typical punch list.

It has sections to capture the task name, the person responsible for it, deadline for task completion, the description, and comments. Since the Microsoft Excel format is completely editable, you are free to change the content as per your needs similar to an internship certificate template.

3. Project Management Punch List template


This punch list format is helpful for Project Management professionals as it gives you the flexibility of a ready-made template that can be edited. The template contains drop-down menus for status and task priority, reducing the amount of typing you do and ensuring a consistent content format as well like this high school diploma certificate template.

Project managers often deal with numerous tasks assigned to multiple people and often the schedules are modified. With such punch lists, it is not only easy to track the progress of each item but also to capture any changes made to the schedules.

All necessary sections have been provided and you are free to modify the template if you need. The drop-down menus can also be changed by changing the content on the right-hand side of the table.

4. Printable Punch List template – PDF


Here is a very helpful, completely printable punch list format. If you are looking to fill in the formats manually, then such formats are great to use. This PDF template has sections to enter all major details of your project like the work items, and their completion dates!

Printable templates are great for those people who do not want customized templates and want one that is ready to use. You can download this template right away and start using it!

5. Project Punch List – Steps


It’s quite easy to find punch list templates to fill in your project details. But do you have a punch list to manage your projects better? This project management framework punch list helps you plan and execute your projects more efficiently.

There are 8 steps listed in this template that act as a guide in running a successful project. If you are new to using punch lists, or just getting into project management, or need a document for new employees, then this is a great document to use.

6. Commercial Punch List template


For commercial construction jobs having a simple punch list template isn’t enough. Every job item has a cost attached to it and the same needs to be captured in these formats.

This Excel punch list temple is specifically designed for commercial jobs with sections to capture the work entry, the completion status, and the cost associated with each one of them. Provisions have been made to enter data for various rooms or sections of the building and the same can be edited as well.

Such detailed punch lists are also handy to conduct an inspection of the project. While the inspection or quality audit is on, you can keep marking the items that have been QA checked.

7. Residential Project Punch List template


Similar to a commercial construction punch list template, this one is made for residential projects. This Excel template contains sections for work to be done in different sections like Electrical, plumbing, walls, doors, windows, kitchen, etc.

Constructing a new home is a very exciting and rewarding process, but you also need to manage the project efficiently. To make sure that the contractors are on the job, you need to track all work items in a structured way. And this can be done with punch lists.

Since the template can be edited, you can add columns for cost, deadlines, parts to be used and other details that you think are necessary to jot down.


Punch lists have come a long way; from the paper-based lists that needed to be punched to mark progress to the ones that are maintained online now! These lists are excellent documentation and auditing tools that are used in different industries across the world.

Since they are easy to use, even laymen can use punch lists for their day to day tasks! And now you too can make informed decisions and stay on top of all your tasks with these excellent punch lists templates!

Frequently Asked Questions

Have questions regarding punch lists? Here are some common ones with their answers.

1. Why is a punch list required?

Punch lists or to-do lists are handy tools when you have numerous tasks to complete. These lists help you break down complex tasks into smaller, actionable items and track their progress. When you need accuracy and the ability to write down all important tasks, that’s the time when you use punch lists.

The punch list templates make life easier for you by providing a framework for managing your projects. You can create your own punch lists or make use of these free, downloadable, and editable ones to do the job.

2. What details should be there in a punch list?

Every punch list is different depending on the usage or the project size. However, there are some elements that are common across all formats. Some of the must-have elements include

  1. List of all important tasks to be completed
  2. Deadline or status update for all tasks
  3. The person responsible for tasks (valid for projects with multiple workers)
  4. The costs associated with the hardware to be used
  5. A description of the tasks

Once you have these sections factored in, your punch lists are ready to use. If you are not sure, how to go about making a punch list, use the formats we have provided. And edit them if required.

3. What are the benefits of such punch lists?

Well, the benefits are many but the most important ones are highlighted here.

  • Lists help you stay organized
  • Lists help you improve project efficiency
  • They help increase productivity and reduce errors
  • Such lists also provided motivation to employees

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