9+ Rental Verification Forms (for Landlord or Tenant) [Word, Doc, PDF]

Property owners will know how difficult the process of renting out the property is. And even more challenging is finding a good, trustworthy tenant for your property.

Across the world, there is a common practice that all landlords follow while they rent/lease out their properties. And that is to get a Rental Verification form filled by prospective tenants.

These forms are similar to employment verification forms where the background of candidates is thoroughly checked.

Free Rental Verification templates

It is recommended that even tenants apply for verification of their landlords to safeguard their interests. Use the following free and downloadable templates for your verification process just like a simple rental agreement.

1. Rental verification template for tenants


As we mentioned earlier, even tenants need to get their landlords verified to protect their interests. These forms can either be used to get the landlords verified or to provide a reference from their previous tenants.

Information from previous tenants will include data points like monthly rent, deposits, length of their residency, problems faced, maintenance issues, etc.

When a tenant is applying for a long lease for a couple of years, it is very important to get the verification done for the landlord so that there aren’t any problems later on. Then you are locked inside the lease period! So, make sure to a background check by getting them to sign a background check authorization form.

2. Rental verification template for landlords


This is an easy to use template to be used by landlords during the verification process of their prospective tenants. The PDF can be downloaded and printed out for your use similar to a policy brief template download.

In the form, you will find sections to fill in information about the prospective tenant, their family, the monthly rent along with details of facilities being provided to them.

The simple one-pager document just like a blank check template, should be sufficient to be used as a verification form and can be submitted to your attorney for legal due diligence as well.

3. Editable Rental Verification template


If you are looking for a rental verification that can be edited then this is the best template for you. Designed with Microsoft Word, this downloadable template can be customized according to your requirements just like a construction estimate template.

All the basic information for capturing details of the tenant and the pricing are already available in the form. Rather than hiring someone to get you the verification form, you can use this format. Download the template and make changes to the form as deemed necessary.

Or you can retain it the way it is. However, if you need to add in extra information or remove some of the sections here, you can do it easily.

4. Rental Reference Verification form


This PDF template is not the complete rental verification template but is used as a reference document only.

When prospective tenants fill in this form, they are basically agreeing to the fact that they are aware of all the rental terms & conditions, that the information they have provided about themselves is correct and if any misleading information is found in the application during verification then their application will be rejected.

Such a document should be included as a part of the rental verification process and attached while preparing the rent/lease agreement as well. There are numerous templates provided in this article and we would recommend you attach this form with the rental verification template.

5. Tenant Verification form – Employee Release of Information


There are times when landlords or verification companies require consent from a tenant’s employer to conduct a verification. One of the ways to verify about the tenant is to take information from their employers.

In such cases, you will need this form which is addressed to a tenant’s employer. This form is usually filled by the tenant, addressed to their organization asking to verify details provided in the form.

Such sample forms are usually used when landlords are not able to verify previous tenancy details for prospective clients. And then the best way to get some data is from the tenant’s employer.

In case the tenant is a student then you can use this form to contact their educational institute and request them for verification of the student’s information.

6. Tenant Verification form – Income certification template


How does a landlord know if the prospective tenant is financially capable of meeting all expenditures related to the rental property? At times, for high-end residential complexes, the requirement is that all prospective tenants fill out an Income verification form.

This form takes approval from the client to conduct a financial verification which documents their income, assets, liabilities, and if they are currently enrolled in a college course or not.

Filling up this form can be a daunting process and that is why it comes with a detailed how-to section to fill it out!

7. Editable Rental Verification template for Communities


Residential communities across the world have their own process for verification of tenants. Often in such properties, two types of verifications can take place – one by the landlord and another by the community association.

The forms are sent from the community office to the tenant asking for their personal information, their rental details, and some background information.

8. Rental Verification template for Housing Benefits


In a lot of countries, the governments run housing schemes under which landlords and tenants can avail of certain benefits. If the tenants intend to avail of these benefits then they will need to fill out this verification form. Most public housing systems follow such a verification process.

In this template, you will need to fill out the tenant details and the benefits that are plan to make use of. Once done, these are usually submitted to housing boards or the government divisions like the Department of Welfare.

9. Credit Card verification template for Landlords/Utility Providers


Often, tenants pay their rental bills and their utility bills through their personal credit cards. Using credit cards is a very convenient method of payment for tenants as they can set up a recurring payment system based on the schedule of their bills.

However, landlords and utility providers should always get a release signed by the tenants which mentions that they are authorized to charge the tenant’s credit card and have obtained consent.

Uses/benefits of a Rental Verification Form

Tenant or Landlord verification is a safeguarding practice that protects their rights and investments. For a landlord, it helps them understand the application and use factual data to decide if they are the right fit for their property or not.

For a tenant, landlord verification is very important as it gives them a chance to see how the landlord’s relationship with previous tenants has been!

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is it mandatory to conduct a tenant verification?

Not always. However, some countries, states, or residential complexes make this a mandatory process before landlords take on a new tenant.

2. Can tenant/landlord verification be done online?

Yes, rental verification can be done using an online form. However, in a lot of cases, you will need to print out the form, get the signatures done, scan the form and then submit it online.

3. What happens if the background verification isn’t done?

Without a tenant/landlord verification, you would not know what you are getting into. Tenants/landlords can have a bad reputation and such details are often uncovered during a verification process. But if you haven’t got one done, then you might face problems later on.

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