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With only a few months to the most famous celebration of the year, there are things many people are looking forward to. Among these are fun games that bring many people together during the Christmas season.

If you plan on having a secret Santa game, then the forms we have here will be of great help. Look through them and select those that will be ideal for your secret Santa game.

Printable Secret Santa Form Template

1. Secret Santa Gift Ideas Form

secret santa form

A secret Santa game is All about the gifts. And what better way to make that possible than with the help of a gift form. This form will enable participants to draw up a list of the gifts they think would be a good idea to have at the exchange.

To ensure no one suggests a gift that’s way out of many people’s financial range, there is a limit on the price. Not all people and have the same financial, capability you know.

Besides that, this form will enable a secret Santa to know what to get you. It could be like a wish list you’d get your Santa to help them make a faster decision with your gift.

2. Secret Santa Form

secret santa questionnaire form

As we have already mentioned, the secret Santa game is all about gifts. But that still doesn’t stop it from being a way people can get to know more about their friends and other participants.

This form with the list of someone’s favorites is an ideal avenue for that. It enables the person to list whatever they’d love together with what they dislike. That allows the secret Santa to make a faster decision when it’s time to get the gift.

Gifts bought due to a person’s favorites are always a hit.

3. Secret Santa Form

secret santa fill out form

A form listing the favorite things isn’t the only way to get someone to let the type of gift they’d love. In other circles, the information form might be known as a questionnaire.

A person answers it with the list of things they love. Such might get personal or be incredibly superficial by focusing primarily on the person’s likes. At the heart of the purpose of this form is to make the secret Santa gift exchange game easier for everyone.

4. Secret Santa Survey

Secret Santa Survey form

How much do you love your colors? Christmas being a colorful event means you can also go out with secret Santa forms that are as colorful. This secret Santa form would be the best bet for kids to fill.

Although it doesn’t have lots of space for someone to fill, it more than compensates for that with the color. This form will be a hit if you are organizing a secret Santa game for kids.

5. Secret Santa Survey Form

Secret Santa Survey

A survey is one of the most popular ways people collect opinions regarding various things. In a secret Santa game, surveys get information from players to enable Santa to get them the best gift.

The brevity of this form means it won’t go prying too much into someone’s personal life. Apart from that, the brevity also makes it the ideal survey form for people wary of revealing too much.

Straightforward if you’d ask us.

6. Secret Santa Wish List Form

Secret Santa Wish List Form

Everyone has a list of wishes they wish would come true. But we all know that not many of those wishes might come true. But what if they are secret Santa wish lists? Well, there might be a chance that such might work.

That’s what this form enables someone to do. All you do is fill it up with a list of things you’d wish to get for Christmas. The secret Santa will then look at it and try to fulfill your wishes depending on their capability.

Another neat way to make the secret Santa game easier for all to play.

7. Secret Santa Favorite Things Form

This form resembles many other forms on this list, only that it goes out of its way to be as visually appealing as possible. This beautiful form only seeks to know a person’s favorite things to ensure the secret Santa guesses their gift right.

A list of a person’s favorite things is usually enough to let anyone know where they fall personality-wise. That’s why this form is an excellent option for a secret Santa gift exchange.

8. Secret Santa Form

This form is best suited for inviting people over to the gift exchange. Alongside the invite is a list of things the invitee loves. That should make it a lot easy deciding what to gift them during the exchange.

9. Secret Santa Survey Form

It isn’t always that secret Santa survey forms seek to help someone know what to gift someone. They are also an excellent way for people to get to learn more about each other.

You will have reduced the chances of someone wondering who you are throughout the game by filling this form. You don’t want to have to go online to stalk someone you think is a mystery, do you? That’s why this form would come in handy.

10. Secret Santa Child Questionnaire

Kids are some of the easiest people to please. All you have to remember is to get them a gift they will love. It doesn’t have to be that expensive. They only have to like it. But what if you didn’t have to grope around in the dark looking for the ideal gift?

This form would come in handy in that regard. It has a list of a child’s milestones, good deeds, and toys or gifts they might love. The form is easy to read for most kids and should be an issue.

11. Work Charity Secret Santa Form

Are you looking to invite people to a charity to play the secret Santa gift exchange game? This might be the form you need then. If you and your organization plan to give back to society by giving a child, you could use this template to invite people. 

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is the secret Santa game challenging to play?

No, it isn’t. the secret Santa game is quite easy to play since it has relatively simple rules. As long as you follow the game’s rules, it shouldn’t be that difficult to enjoy it.

2. Are Secret Santa forms that important in the game?

Of course, they are. Without the forms, it could be challenging to collect all the information in preparation for the game. The forms reduce the instances of having to introduce everything before the game begins.

3. Can I make my own secret Santa form?

Why not? There is a multitude of form builders online that you can use to create the forms. However, the ones we have compiled here would reduce the time you’d use looking for the perfect forms.

Final Thoughts

Some might see it as just another meaningless Christmas game. Some might dismiss it as a pastime for the idle. But there is no denying that the secret Santa game can be the missing link to a happier Christmas.

If you are a fan of the game, the forms we have here will enable you to get to know your friends and family better. That’s beside the significance it will have in helping spread the Christmas cheer.

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