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It’s that time of the year again when all everyone can hear is the sound of jingle bells as Santa approaches. Gifting season’s almost here with us, and most of us can’t wait to see what we get from friends.

One problem, though. How do you know what gift to get your friends? With the help of a Secret Santa questionnaire, of course! We have prepared several Secret Santa questionnaires you can use to know what to get for your loved ones.

Read on.

Free Printable Secret Santa Questionnaire

1. Secret Santa Questionnaire

Secret Santa Questionnaire

A general information questionnaire is an excellent way to get to know a person’s likes and dislikes. It collects all the person la preferences that would help a secret Santa settle on the best gift for that person.

This template won’t need much tweaking to be an ideal fit for your secret Santa gift exchange game.

2. Secret Questionnaire Beautiful

secret santa questionnaire word doc

People appreciate it more when they get gifts that mirror their likes, hobbies, or interesting facts. That’s why this secret Santa questionnaire will be a handy part of the secret Santa game.

Gifting is hard, especially if you don’t know a person that well. This questionnaire offers you the chance to get to know this person better and then select a fitting gift for them.

3. Simple Questionnaire

free printable secret santa questionnaire

Gifts tailored along the lines of favorite things rarely miss the mark. Use this secret Santa questionnaire to understand a person’s favorites, from food and rinks to hobbies. You don’t want to be the only person who brings a gift no one wants.

Getting someone the right gift will also enable you to get a better gift. And what better way is there to know what gift to get someone than by using this secret Santa questionnaire?

4. Secret Santa Questionnaire

secret santa questionnaire for adults

While most people would love to get any gift for the sake of it, you can impress them further by getting them one that is as close as possible to something they love. With this questionnaire, that will be easier.

Although short, the questionnaire will give you an idea of the gift the person would love. If you love gifting people food or drinks, it is the ideal questionnaire for you. Get it and let your fellow players answer the question for you to know whether to get them a drink or food.

5. Questionnaire

Sports merchandise is one of the best ways to gift anyone. Most people have a sport or two that they are mad about. Whether soccer or ice hockey, they would surely appreciate a sporty gift.

But to gift someone a sporty gift, you’d have to know the sports they love first. That’s where this secret Santa questionnaire will help. Knowing someone’s favorite team or sport is a slam dunk to getting the best sports gift for them.

They’ll see you as informed and detailed in your gift-giving approach, not knowing that their answers made it possible.

6. Secret Santa Favourite Things Questionnaire

It isn’t easy getting someone the ideal present when you are on a budget. That’s why knowing their interests should be an option. Answers to this questionnaire will give you the perfect idea for the gift to buy the person.

You can customize this template and fit in extra questions if you feel like it.

7. Blank Santa Questionnaire

secret santa questionnaire form

Christmas is a time for people to celebrate and spend quality time with each other. That’s why you will find most workplaces having Christmas parties or holding a secret Santa gift exchange.

Besides telling you what people love, this questionnaire will give you a chance to get to know your workmates better. It outlines the gifts the person would love most, those they’d never want to get, and their favorite foods.

It shouldn’t be that hard to figure out the best gift to get them if they answer the questionnaire truthfully.

8. Gift Questionnaire

secret santa gift questionnaire


A fun way to frame a secret Santa questionnaire is to make it sound like a puzzle. See, most people aren’t comfortable giving away personal information, even if it’s just about their hobbies or the ideal gift they’d want.

If you are likely to encounter such people, then this is the ideal questionnaire for them. To them, it will be like answering some puzzling questions with the answers building up to the perfect gift they’d love.

9. Detailed Questionnaire

secret santa detailed questionnaire

Brevity is something most people wish for. When asking what to get someone, some people might be guilty of meandering. This secret Santa questionnaire is direct and brief.

It asks the person direct questions that will elicit direct answers. That’s an effective way to understand the person better and guess what they’d love as a gift. Besides that, it is relatively detailed, and the right answers will give you a wealth of gift choices to pick from.

10. Help Out Santa

help out santa questionnaire

A simple secret Santa questionnaire should be enough to tell you the best gift to get them for some people. For some, however, you might need a questionnaire as detailed as this one.

Because the gift exchange won’t only be about gifts, this questionnaire would help someone know another person better. Don’t you think it would be a good idea to know about a workmate or friend? If your answer is yes, then this is the perfect Secret Santa questionnaire to use.

11. Checklist Questionnaire

Checklist Questionnaire santa

Unlike the other questionnaires on this list that need you to write out the answers, this one is a checklist. All person has to do is tick off the boxes for whatever gift they’d like to get.

That makes it incredibly easy to understand and use. It also shifts the burned of thinking the person has to do to get the perfect gift. The near exhaustive gift categories make it easier for the secret Santa to decide what to get the person.

12. Questionnaire

It’s Christmas, and therefore, everything about it should bear Christmas colors. It’s the bare minimum in getting people into the gift-giving mood. This questionnaire does an excellent job of informing the choices of someone.

An all-inclusive list of categories also makes it easier to pick out the gift for a person who fills this form.

13. Santa This or That Questionnaire

Santa This or That Questionnaire

Personality sometimes plays a significant part in the gifts a person would want. That’s why we think this questionnaire could be an excellent choice. Since the range of gifts one can give is large, the all-encompassing list of categories broadens the number of gifts a person can choose from.

You can decide to get the person a book, movie, or a drink thanks to the answers they give here.

14. Secret Santa Quirky Questions

Secret Santa Quirky Questions

If you want to break the mold with your gift, go for this quirky questionnaire list. A funny and inappropriate gift might be all you need to break the ice at the gift exchange.

Answering the queries would be fun for anyone knowing that their answers will inform the gift choices of their secret Santa.

15. Secret Santa Deep Questions

Get people to think more deeply about the gift they want you to get with this questionnaire. You, however, need to know that few people would be comfortable opening up so profoundly just for a gift.

Therefore, this questionnaire isn’t for everyone. Only give it to people you are sure wouldn’t take it unkindly. Opening up isn’t a favorite of many people, even if they do that to people they know.

Questionnaires – Do’s and Don’ts

The primary reason for having the questionnaires in the game is to make it easie3r to select gifts. However, it would be a huge red flag for many people if you got too personal in the questions you ask participants.

That’s why you should always look for general questions. Also, by sending the questionnaires, don’t mistakenly reveal the person giving the gifts and to whom. It should come as a total surprise to all the participants.

If you feel uncomfortable about the prices of the gifts, speak out. You don’t want to spend all your Christmas money on gifts and have your family suffer later. That’s why some questionnaires have a specific amount that a limit for the gift.

Finally, the questions should always be good-natured. Don’t add in questions that are likely to upset some people. That’s why we emphasize only having general questions rather than personal ones.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What are secret Santa questionnaires?

These are question-and-answer forms distributed to Secret Santa gift exchange participants to determine the gifts they’d love. The questionnaires usually have several questions that gauge the gift a person should get.

2. What do I need to ask for in a secret Santa gift exchange?

If you are out of ideas on choosing, always think of gifts that you can use to fulfill your hobbies. If, for instance, your hobby is reading, then you could ask for books.

Final Thoughts

If you were looking for secret Santa questionnaires for your Secret Santa gift exchange, we trust you’ve gotten what you need. Customize and use them to make the gift exchange more specific rather than a shot in the dark.

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