9+ Shipping Label Templates Download EDITABLE [Word, PDF]

A shipping label is usually a sticker or a document attached to the product being sent across. It contains details about the product, the sender, and the receiver. The labels are customized accordingly to different companies and freight carriers that ship products.

Most of the shipping labels that are used for commercial purposes also contain a barcode that helps in tracking the current status and details about the product. Don’t we all check the status of our packages through a tracking number? That is done with the help of bar code technology.

Free Shipping Label Templates

Here is a collection of the best shipping label formats for different uses. All these templates are completely free, are downloadable, are editable, and can be used by anyone just like a bill of sale pdf which you can download for free.

1. A basic Shipping Label template


First up is this shipping label template that comes with a very simplistic design. The template has been made using Microsoft Word and can be edited once you download the file.

You can make changes to the file like inserting your own company logo, changing the text content, and redoing the text size and colors if required. There are about 6 labels that it into one page and if you want multiple copies then you can either print it numerous times or if you want different content, create a file with multiple pages and then print it out like an automotive work template.

2. Designer Shipping Label template


An improvement from the first template, this is a designer shipping label template that can be used by individuals and organizations. Fields like name, address, and contact number can be edited for your own information.

The Microsoft Word format sample is easy to make changes to and if you’d like, you can change the color of the border design as well. If you are sending local couriers or just documents then this is an excellent format to use similar to a large check.

3. Basic Shipping Label template


Often designer templates can result in increased cost due to color printing requirements. If you want to cut costs in your shipping templates then you can use this basic format.

Rather than focus on the design element, this shipping label format contains all the must-have information fields. And since the template is editable you can keep entering your information; in multiple pages, at one time if needed.

4. Shipping Label template – Envelope Format or Priority Mail


This free to download and editable shipping label template is designed to be used for priority shipping. The label has dual purposes – you can either use it as a normal shipping label or as an envelope format as well!

The details in the From and To fields are completely editable and you can enter your own details there. If you want multiple prints, then you can create many copies of this format in the Word doc, enter your details and then print them out.

5. Shipping Label template – Fragile or Breakable Products


If you are sending across products that are very fragile or can break easily, then you need to indicate that on the shipping box or the shipping label. This lets the shipping company know that the box needs to be handled with extreme care.

This shipping template is excellent for such products as the big FRAGILE text makes that indication very clear. The form is editable so you can write the content in a choice of your own colors, font type, or size.

6. Shipping Label template – Perishable Products


Perishable food products are those products whose quality can go bad due to time factors, environmental conditions, etc. Such products include food items, medical products, chemicals, etc.

While shipping them, a special shipping label needs to be prepared for them to indicate that the box contains perishable items. These are then shipping on priority or stored in special containers. This template can be used for all your perishable items with customized details on the label.

7. Shipping Label template – Bar Code design


Do you ever wonder what technology is used in the shipping industry that enables you to track your packages? Well, it’s something really simple – the bar code technology.

A bar code is a type of information format that contains details about a product. This data is then read by a bar code reader and for shipping products, the data is then stored online that provides you with your package tracking details. This shipping template has the option of inserting a bar code in the label apart from the usual content.

8. Shipping Label template – Holiday-themed design


Christmas time and the holidays are such an amazing time of the year as everybody is in a festival mood! And to show our love for each other, we send out gifts to friends and family on such occasions.

Use our beautiful Christmas/holiday-themed shipping labels when you send gifts to your near and dear ones. Such nice personalized labels add to the whole experience of receiving gifts from others. The written content on the shipping label format is editable and you can enter your information here as many times as you want!

9. Shipping Label template – Return Shipping


Even though the return shipping process is similar to a normal shipping procedure, the shipping label needs to be different. This is usually used by companies so that they can identify which package is a returned item. Even shipping companies use this label to return the product to the sender.

Many companies do not charge customers for return shipping and if the package has a return shipping label, then it tells the delivery person that the customer is not be charged for the package. Some companies also provide return shipping stamps that are prepaid. By doing this, customers don’t have to pay for return shipping.

Frequently Asked Questions

Have questions regarding the shipping label templates? Here are some common ones with their answers.

1. Why are these shipping labels needed?

For organizations like e-Commerce companies, shipping labels carry vital product information that is very helpful in their operations such as sorting and delivery. It also helps you receive your package without any delays!

2. How do I create my own shipping label template?

Great question. It’s always better to use a customized shipping label. To design your own template, you can use applications like Microsoft Word to do the design.

Every shipping label contains some standard fields like Sender’s name, address, and contact details. And the same type of information for the receiver as well.

Apart from this, you can include information about the contents of the package and indicate if it’s a normal product of a perishable or fragile product.


Our collection of free shipping label templates are the best ones you will come across. They are all free, downloadable, and editable just like our editable hennessy labels in Microsoft Word. All you have to do is download them and start printing them out once you’ve made the necessary edits.

Please note that shipping labels often come in different sizes like Legal size labels, A4 size labels, A3 size, tabloid-size, etc. So when you are printing or designing your shipping labels, you need to know what size is required. And for the best results, don’t forget to use sticker paper for the shipping labels.

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