5+ Free Simple One Page Rental Agreement Editable [State-Wise]

Rental agreements are legal documents and are also called contracts that are made between a landlord and a tenant.

Rental agreements are fixed period documents that detail a set of conditions under which the landlord has given out his property.

Sometimes these agreements need to be notarized and in some places, they need to be printed out in stamp papers issued by the government.

There are numerous types of rental agreements, depending on the type of property being let out. And here we provide the most commonly used downloadable one-page rental agreement formats.

5+ Free simple one-page rental agreements

Provided below are some of the most popular rental agreement formats that come in downloadable format and most of them can be edited as well like a rental verification form.

1. House Rental Agreement Word Format


This is a very simple one-page rental agreement template that comes in a Microsoft Word format. This Word document can be downloaded and then edited as per your requirements.

This agreement form captures all the necessary details like terms & conditions, duration of the agreement, landlord and tenant signatures, etc. You can enter the details on your computer and then print it out just like a policy brief template sample.

Or you can print out this blank form and then fill in all details manually.

2. Lease Rental Agreement Word Format

2OPRA- Lease

Lease agreements are usually for a longer period of time when compared to rental agreements. They are widely used for commercials arrangements. All obligations of the tenants and landlords are documented in the lease agreement which is a legally binding document.

This one-page lease agreement template is a highly simplified version of the usual lease agreements and contains all relevant information pertaining to the agreement.

The template is downloadable and editable since it is in Microsoft Word format. You can make any changes you’d like and generate your own customized template like these cost analysis templates as well as these construction cost estimate template excel.

3. Week to Week Rental Agreement Word Format


Weekly rental agreements are short term rentals and are usually used by the home real estate industry. Sometimes landowners or property owners want to rent out properties for short timeframes and such a template is suitable for them.

This template also comes in a Microsoft Word format which is completely downloadable and editable printables. You can enter your own terms, timeframes and print them out for your use like a firearm pdf bill of sale.

4. Parking Space Rental Agreement Word Format


A lot of us rent parking spaces- be it from our neighbor or from a commercial establishment. In most cities, parking spaces come at a premium and it is important to document their rental process.

Renting a parking space is similar to renting a property so the rental agreement is pretty similar to the ones above. But in this template, there are more details about safety and security rather than the physical space.

Parking owners usually do not want any liability in case there is damage to the tenant’s vehicle, theft, or any other issue, and the same is documented in the agreement.

5. Storage Space Rental Agreement PDF Format

5OPRA-Storage Space

People across the world employ the use of storage spaces to hold personal things. And companies use massive storage spaces as product holdings and warehouses.

Renting or leasing out such properties follows the same process as renting out any other property and the agreement template is also very similar.

The one-page PDF template comes with sections to capture information about the storage space, the lien, terms & conditions, duration, and the kind of storage space use that is permitted.

Frequently asked questions

1. Does a tenant get a copy of the rental agreement?

Yes. Both the tenant and the landlord need to have an original copy of the rental agreement.

2. Do I need to notarise the rental agreement?

This depends on the laws of your country and state. Rules change according to where you stay and you will need to consult a legal professional to get the right answer.

But notarizing the rental/lease agreement is one good way of making the document legal and admissible in a court.

3. What is the difference between rent and lease?

Well, usually the main difference is between the duration. Rent agreements can range from a few hours to a few months. But if you want a longer duration, then you would use a lease agreement.

4. What happens if I don’t have a rental agreement?

The point of having an agreement is to possess proof of the arrangement you have with your tenant or landlord. If you are a tenant or a landlord, your rights and your property are protected if you have a rental/lease agreement.

However, if you have not documented your arrangements, you do not have any legal claims in case of problems.

For example, as a landlord, you won’t be able to claim remuneration if your tenant damaged the property. As a tenant, you don’t have rights to the place you take and can be evicted out at any point in time.

5. Do I need to consult an attorney while getting an agreement made?

Yes. After all, a rental agreement is made to protect the interests of the lessor and the lessee. Most of us do not have any knowledge of legal parlance, laws, and procedures.

We would not know about the right content to put into an agreement so it is always better to consult a legal professional during this process.

6. What mandatory information should be captured in these agreements?

Great question. Here are some pointers or you

  • Details of the landlord and tenant including signatures
  • Rent/ lease amount, duration, other charges, etc
  • Details of the rental property
  • List of utilities
  • Rights of the landlord and tenant
  • Terms & conditions

7. What is an oral agreement and do I need a rental agreement for that?

An oral agreement was at one time a process where the tenant and landlord talk about the rental agreement and decide on the terms and conditions orally. Even now these kinds of agreements exist.

But now oral agreement can only be oral or can be documented as well. Do note in some countries just an oral agreement is enforceable and comes under legal purview as well! But it is ALWAYS recommended to document such transactions. Also, before you go, check out these samples of college transcript template.

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