13+ FREE Vehicle Maintenance Log Templates [Excel, Word, PDF]

As an individual or as a business, many of us own vehicles, and we understand the importance of vehicle maintenance. This is where a Vehicle maintenance log comes in handy.

Vehicle maintenance log is a simple document where you can enter your vehicle details, cost of services, part replacement details, maintenance schedule, etc.

You will be surprised to know that even racing teams maintain such logs to generate detailed analytics about maintenance, part changes, and related costs.

So, if you are looking for vehicle maintenance logs then you’ve come to the right place.

Personal Vehicle maintenance logs

1. Basic Vehicle maintenance log template

vehicle maintenance log

This is probably the most basic type of vehicle maintenance log as it captures information about your service schedules and costs. If you are a private vehicle owner and are looking for something easy to fill up, then this is the easiest template to work with.

Even if you don’t have much experience operating computers, you can still use this template as all you need to do is fill information in under the headers just like these blank check templates! The template even contains instructions on what information you need to fill in each of the rows and columns.

2. Weekly Vehicle maintenance log template

vehicle maintenance log Weekly

If your personal vehicle gets driven around a lot or if you are a business owner and want to keep track of your vehicle health, then the Weekly vehicle maintenance log can help.

This vehicle maintenance template helps you track deficiencies or faults in the commonly known parts of your vehicle. The form is really simple to use and comes in a printable format.

Most of the vehicle parts are mentioned in the form just like in a bill of sale and a checklist option for you to tick the part that needs attention. This is a highly simple yet effective way to track all the to-do items in your vehicle maintenance schedule.

The Services Performed column can be used to enter all the work your vehicle has undergone that particular week.

3. Detailed car maintenance log

Let’s say you are looking for something more detailed. One vehicle maintenance log to ensure that all of your cost tracking, maintenance schedule, and repair work is done! If you like getting down into the details, then download this log that contains 2 sheets of data points to calculate your maintenance cost and maintenance schedule.

Included in this car maintenance log template is a printable vehicle maintenance log, and a printable repair & maintenance checklist similar to a cost analysis template.

The Repair & maintenance checklist helps you track all the repair work that needs to be done on the vehicles. with this car maintenance log

And this is complimented well by the log that details all the work you actually got done! Both the logs can be compared to see if anything got missed out or not.

vehicle maintenance log-Car Detailed

4. Periodic Car Maintenance Checklist by mileage

The periodic car maintenance checklist is an excellent tool for car owners to jot down a list of work that needs to be done on their vehicles.

To increase your vehicle life and save costs, periodic maintenance is imperative and you always need to stay informed about work to be done.

This checklist captures details about all tasks related to vehicle maintenance work so that you can prioritize them according to your maintenance schedule.

vehicle maintenance log-Periodic Car

5. Comprehensive Car maintenance Checklist by mileage or timeframe

If you are looking for a comprehensive vehicle maintenance log for your car then there couldn’t be a better one than this. Made with an eye for detail just like a credit card payment authorization form, this template has sections for components like Engine, Exterior, Interior, Fluids & filter, Tires, Brakes & suspension, etc.

The checklist provides columns for service maintenance schedule according to the mileage of your car as well as the time frame.

And as a bonus, it also tells you whether that particular maintenance item can be done as DIY work or in a service center! Pretty handy right? The record checklist is available in a printable format.

vehicle maintenance log templates-Comprehensive

6. Motorcycle Simple Maintenance Log

Not all of us drive cars! Some of us love zipping around in motorcycles too. For motorcycle riders, there is a simple maintenance log vehicle record you can use that will keep track of all work actions that need to be completed after your bike has reached a certain mileage.

Download this easy to use form template that can be customized according to your requirements and service schedules.

VML6-Motorcycle Maintenance

7. Motorcycle Maintenance Cost Log

This customizable vehicle maintenance log templates excel sheet is a great way for you to calculate and store your service costs.

You will be able to break down your total bill into itemized points and track the cost of each part/service that you paid for.

All you have to do in to enter the service name and the associated cost next to the template. It helps you compare service costs and see where your money is going!

VML7-Moto Svc Cost

Commercial vehicle maintenance templates

If you are a business owner that employs a fleet of vehicles, then tracking all of their service schedules and costs can be a tricky affair.

In the absence of the right tracking and date, your business could lose a lot of money on vehicle service costs.

Fleet management companies will find these templates really handy and you can train your staff in no time to use these documents! Here are some downloadable maintenance log templates that you can use for your business. And some of these log templates can be customized to suit your organization’s needs as well.

8. Commercial Maintenance Log Vehicle

This form is as simple as it gets and a lot of small business owners like it! This record log is designed to keep track of the date of maintenance, repairs done, the mileage of your vehicle at the time of the maintenance, and the date of the next schedule.

It is quite easy to fill, doesn’t require more than a few seconds of your time, and comes in a printable format.

VML8-Commercial Simple

9. Truck Preventive Maintenance Log

As a vehicle owner if you get preventive maintenance done on your vehicles, then you should get longer life and better performance from your fleet. Preventive measures keeps the vehicle healthy and you can detect issues before they become much bigger problems.

This preventive truck maintenance log helps you keep track of all such services done on your vehicle.

Along with maintaining the preventive schedule, you can also capture details about any extra work done as well along with the maintenance cost with this maintenance log template record. This truck maintenance log form in an excel format but it can be printed out as well.

VML9-Truck PM Log

10.Daily Commercial log

Most fleet owners need their staff to send them daily vehicle usage and data.

Such detailed reporting can be done through templates like these which capture all essential day to day data that helps business owners calculate costs.

This log requires the user to fill in the daily mileage, details of repairs, costing, driver, and route information as well. The word document is easy to use and comes in a printable format.

VML10-Daily Commercial

11. Periodic Maintenance Checklist

Checklists often help us jot down important points and this checklist maintains a record of your periodic service needs.

With this log vehicle maintenance checklist, you can mark your monthly, quarterly, and annual maintenance needs so that you never miss out on getting work done on time! All you have to do is tick the option that needs attention!

log vehicle maintenance-Periodic Maintenance

Importance of vehicle maintenance logs

Constant usage of vehicles leads to increased deterioration of parts and hence, frequent services. Such vehicles need to be checked for issues on a frequent basis, all issues need to be tracked and the vehicle needs to be serviced accordingly.

Such vehicle maintenance log templates come in handy in tracking such business and personal requirements. Most vehicle owners either neglect their cars or forget to conduct periodic checkups on time. Such tools help you focus on important things like

  • Oil and fluid replacements
  • Oil and air filter repairing
  • Tire and air pressure monitoring
  • Availability of repair kits
  • Periodic car checkups
  • Engine repair
  • Inspection of damaged spare parts
  • Cost of labor and parts

Vehicle maintenance log not only help you keep a track of your repairs and costs but they are a valuable source of information for taxation purposes as well. In some countries, you can claim the amount spent on work related travel if you maintain such a logbook. And in some countries, if you use a car provided by your employer, then you need to maintain such an auto maintenance log
as record keeping practices for Fringe Benefit Taxation.

Hope you liked our collection of downloadable, printable, and customizable vehicle maintenance logs! Do ensure that you use them with as much detail and frequency as possible to derive the best results for your vehicle maintenance process. Also, before you go, check out these certificates with seal and these fake ged transcripts

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